25 Tricks to Help You Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

November 22, 2023 By Thea Off

We all wish that we have a good hair day every day but unfortunately it is impossible. We can’t all have our own personal hair professionals following us around, but most of us would like that our hair looks like we have just stepped out of a hair salon. We can’t promise you that you will have the perfect hair every day, but we can promise you one thing – you will never have a bad hair day again.bad-hair-day

The bad hair days are a big problem so in this article you can find 25 tricks which can help you never have a bad hair day again. Here are the tricks:

  1. You should know your hair type. If you have dry hair, the formulas you use should compliment that, not deteriorate it. The same goes for oily hair. You should use the right formula for a dry scalp.
  2. Style your hair with the cool setting on your blow dryer. While heat styles your hair, cool air sets it. If you don’t set the blowout with colder air then spending time blow drying your hair can go to total waste.
  3. You should always use a heat protectant. It isn’t a problem if you forget to use it once but if you are flat ironing your hair regularly without a heat protection you hair will become tired and this can cause more bad hair days than good.
  4. You should use a brush when your hair is dry and when your hair is wet you should use a comb with wide teeth. You can cause major hair breakage if you brush your hair when it is wet and this can make your hair looking unhealthy and dry.
  5. You should consume a lot of water. Hydration begins at the inside out and your hair will stay healthy if you keep your body hydrated.
  6. You should use texturizing spray . Textured hair (or dirty hair) holds style better and it is much simpler to work with. If you use a spray first, on days when your hair needs to be put in a ponytail, bun or braid, this style is perfect and it will hold through the day.
  7. If you want to tame your flyaways, you should use hairspray to spray a toothbrush and then brush your hair softly into place. You will get hold without it being so stiff if you apply a bit of hairspray.
  8. You should plan ahead on days when you know that you have to look particularly presentable. For example, if you have an interview the next morning, you should wash and style your hair the night before. In the morning you will only need minimal touch-ups.
  9. You should use a nice conditioner and shampoo combo. Your healthy hair starts at the beginning, much like your foundation so you are giving yourself a head start by using a quality conditioner and shampoo.
  10. If you want to put some hydration and shine into your strands you should use a DIY hair mask. You can treat your hair to some major TLC for a fraction of the cost of a hair salon.
  11. You have to go to a great hairdresser. If you are throwing your money on a bad cut, you will also be throwing your time on trying to style your hair so that it looks beautiful.
  12. Before you buy styling tools you should find some information about them. There is a huge difference between a great blow dryer and a bad one, and learning which is which before the buy is key.
  13. Before you get a cut you should know what kind of maintenance works for you. These long bobs that you can find everywhere now? They take some work if your hair’ natural texture doesn’t work with the cut. Long, layered cuts are the lowest maintenance of hair. Short hair requires styling almost every day.
  14. Always have your bobby pins in your purse. Some days when you leave your house your hair can look great, and then rain starts to fall. You should put 10 or so bobby pins in your purse or a wallet to be sure that you always have bobby pins.
  15. You should think about taking fish oil supplements or biotin. These supplements usually use girls when they want their hair to grow. They help bring shine and strength to your hair regularly.
  16. You should keep up with your hair salon appointments. To keep your hair constantly refreshed trim your dead ends regularly. This will help you to stop worrying about your ends making the rest of your hair look awful.
  17. Use dry shampoo. You should carry it with you wherever you go. Keep one at your desk, one in your bathroom and one in your purse. Dry shampoo  is like shower and instant root lift in one.
  18. You should learn how to do a sock bun. Even on your most awful hair days, you can get a finished, classy look by concealing your hair in a sock bun.
  19. Get into a routine. This may seem like a chore for women who never have a set time to style their hair. But, you will be less likely to get lazy about it if you know that you will always be styling your hair every other night of the week.
  20. You shouldn’t wash your hair on a daily basis unless you really need to. You can dry out your strands and fade your color much faster (if your hair is colored) by shampooing hair on a daily basis.
  21. You should purchase a good serum. If your hair is fine and thick, use serums specifically formulated for your type. You can tame dryness, frizz and generally unruly hair by using serum.
  22. Before you style your hair you should use product. You should apply mousse first if you are curling your hair. You should use a spray for blowouts and use a balm if you are straightening it. Applying a product before styling gives the end result a much longer possibility of lasting. So, you can either style your hair less regularly or just rest easy knowing your hair will make it through the whole day.
  23. You should apply a deep conditioning treatment. It doesn’t have to be regular or at the hair salon, but a deep conditioning treatment will keep moisture in your hair, particularly if you are heat styling your hair. In this way you will keep your hair looking healthy.
  24. You should learn at least 3 hairstyles you can do under 6 minutes. It doesn’t matter whether it is twisting your hair back from each temple and securing it into a sleek ponytail, a bun or a fishtail braid, having go to styles in your hair arsenal will reduce stress when your hair just won’t behave.
  25. You should wear a headband that matches everything. Whether you wear mainly white, black, brown or otherwise, wear a simple, plain headband which may be used to jazz up your hair when you get up and you have got no time and a big hair issue.