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Top 5 Lightweight Conditioners for Fine Hair

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off

If you want to keep your hair shiny, soft and in good shape then you have to use a conditioner, even if your hair is fine and oily. But you should be careful and choose the right conditioner, for example you shouldn’t use a rich,…

The Benefits of Massage Cupping Therapy

November 20, 2023 By Thea Off

What Is Cupping?   Cupping is definitely one of the oldest forms of manual therapy. It is thousands of years old ancient form of Chinese medicine that involves creating suction at various points on the body. A famous Taoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong, who…

Embrace Your Style: The Rise of DIY Beauty and Grooming Tools

November 17, 2023 By Thea Off

The ritual of personal care is evolving. Gone are the days when professional stylists and barbers were the sole custodians of our looks. Today, a new trend is rising—a movement that heralds the age of the DIY beauty and grooming, where individuals are empowered by…