5 New Makeup Ideas to Try Immediately

November 22, 2023 By Thea Off
5 New Makeup Ideas to Try Immediately

I apply my own makeup for many years now and I still don’t consider myself a professional. Most of the time I’m not even sure that I’m applying it in the right way, so I’m very excited to try out a new ideas when it’s suggested to me.makeup


An Upgraded Cat-Eye

Many women just adore this look, but they are still not able to draw a proper cat eye. Many makeup artists recommend flicking your pencils up and out, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. Taylor Swift showed her tricks for getting a nice, straight line in a latest  online video for Keds. She said that you should use an eye pen to follow the bottom eyelash line up instead of concerning about flicking out from the top eyelash line. Petra Strand, makeup artist at Pixi Beauty, suggests Pixi Lash Line Ink. It provides the perfect angle for your cat-eye effect.


For Lush Eyelashes

Mally Roncal, a celebrity makeup professional and director of Mally Beauty, uses the three-pump method with her Eyelash Curler to get a nicer curl. She begins with a squeeze at the base of the eyelashes, then squeeze in the middle of the lashes and finishes with a squeeze at the tips of the eyelashes.

When your eyelashes are curled, Strand recommends that before applying your mascara you should splash a small amount of loose powder on your lashes. After that you should apply a second layer by zig-zagging the wand through the eyelashes to fan them out. You will see that the powder helps to enlarge the appearance of each eyelash.


Immediate Face Lift

This makeup technique will give you a subtle change which brightness your face. Use a concealer pencil, like Susan Posnick Color Correct and draw 3 horizontal lines (like cat’s whiskers) near your nose spanning out across your cheek. To get ultra brightening effect and immediate face lift you should blend each line in an upward direction using a clean brush or sponge.

Strand recommends using a concealer pencil it the way described detailed above to boost the effect. After that you should use a highlighter to draw one more whisker line directly above each whisker. She explained that by blending the highlighter and concealer into your skin, you will not only highlight and lift your face, but you will make your skin look airbrushed.


For Fuller Lips

Roncal recommends that you should use a nude lip pencil, such as Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier Lip Color to connect the two peaks of your Cupid’s bow (the top of your upper lip), and then use a light gloss to go over the area.


Tone it Down

Strand explained that if you have applied eye shadow which is a bit too harsh, you don’t have to remove it, you should just dip a shadow blender brush in bronzing powder and sweep across the whole eyelid. She said that the bronzing powder will work like a neutral tint, so it will soften and diffuse the color without changing it too much.