BoSidin Hair Removal Device

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BoSidin Hair Removal Device

Remove undesirable hair using the BoSidin Hair Removal Device. Use it wherever you please,  the face, legs, arms, privates, and underarms. In just 10 minutes, you can get a full body treatment.

Order here: BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device, Epilation for Women & Men – Body and Face


Not all of us enjoy the visit to the beauty salon. It could not only be expensive, but also embarrassing for some hairy people. Chose the simply way, do it yourself, wheather it is hair trimming, waxing, and shaving.  All that you can do by yourself useing the BoSidin hair removal device.

How does it operate? This gadget delivers unlimited flashes through a flexible 180° head to the targetet area – on the bikini area in one minute and the legs in 4.7 minutes.

Product Specifications
Full Body Treatment in 10 minutes
Suitable Areas: Pubic Hair, Legs, Arms, Underarm, Face
Flashes: Unlimited
Colors: Green, White