Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter Review

November 24, 2023 By Thea Off

The Best Product for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, also known as Striae or Striae distensae, happen when skin changes shape rapidly due to fast and considerable weight gain or change in the body. Pregnancy, excessive steroid use, and puberty can also cause stretch marks. Both men and women can be affected by them. Stretch marks are a result of skin stretching and an increase of cortisone in your system, which is a hormone naturally produced by your adrenal glands. High levels of cortisone can make stretch marks more likely to form, as well as increase their severity. They are natural, common, and should be embraced as part of your life journey, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lighten or prevent these tiger stripes.

Stretch marks typically appear as bands of parallel lines on your skin and they are a different color and texture than your normal skin, and they range from purple to bright pink to light gray. Stretch marks aren’t dangerous, but they can sometimes feel itchy or sore. You can have stretch marks just about anywhere. However, they’re most common on your stomach, breasts, upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. They occur not in the outer layer of skin, but in a thicker lower layer called the dermis. The fact that breakage occurs underneath the outer layer of skin is a bad news because most creams, lotions and ointments that work on the epidermis won’t do much to help the appearance of stretch marks once they’ve occurred. However, they can help to mitigate the damage before they happen.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter Review

The journey of pregnancy is definitely one of the most exciting experiences in life. The discovery that you are about to become a mother and that your body is a home to a new human being is absolutely amazing. However, during this journey women’s bodies through some dramatic changes, but maybe none as visible and lasting as stretch marks. Stretch marks can fade over time, but it can take years. They are not a medical concern. However, many people do not appreciate or want the aesthetic of these marks. Many women experience stretch marks during pregnancy because their skin stretches in numerous ways in order to make room for the developing baby.

Over 50% of occurrences of stretch marks are from during or after pregnancy, but you can get them without being pregnant at all. For instance, they can also often affect pubescent girls specifically on their newly growing breasts. Teenagers may also notice stretch marks after a sudden growth spurt, while corticosteroid creams, lotions, and pills can cause stretch marks by decreasing the skin’s ability to stretch. The good news for those who have problem with stretch marks is that there are ways to reduce them or get rid of the problem.

„I got this for the missus when our proverbial bun was in the oven baking. She loved it.

I started using it though and I’m blown away…probably the best lotion ever. Within a couple days I saw incredible improvement with dry skin around the elbows and knees. It doesn’t leave an oily or greasy film and it doesn’t have a powerful odor like other lotions tend to do.

I can’t stress it enough, take care of your skin and your skin will take care of you…guys, this mantra is not just for the gals, “– says BTLSFN, an Amazon reviewer.

If you take a peek at just about any pregnancy related forums, blogs, or even just mommy bloggers you’ll see that the most recommended treatment for stretch marks currently on the market is the Mama Bee Belly Butter, a rich cream specially blended to nourish and hydrate your stretching skin during pregnancy. It’s a natural and fragrance-free formula that can be used post-partum to help care for skin as it recovers. The product contains a combination of Cocoa, Shea and Jojoba Butters that help keep bumps soft and smooth. It also has lovely and comforting scent.


About the Company

Burt’s Bees is a company that began selling handmade candles made with unused beeswax from beehive, before expanding their product offering in 2007 to include salves, body soaps and the iconic beeswax lip balm. Through this period, the company managed to create quality and affordable products and they managed to build the name for themselves. With a brand philosophy of using natural ingredients—such as skin-soothing aloe vera and moisturising shea butter—the products are suitable for delicate skin. The company has high standards and natural has been their moto since the beginning. Their products are 99% natural, while some of them are even 100%. The reason why all products are not 100% natural is that 1% goes on preservatives because sometimes it’s hard to keep natural ingredients stable in different formulas. However, the company made sure it is right for you, even if it is synthetic, so you really don’t have to worry about that part. It’s also important to note that their products are made in the USA, in the state of North Carolina.

The company has many different lines. Besides hand and foot creams, makeup, winter skin essentials, toothpaste there is also Babycare and Mama Bee Care line.

Mama Care Line was created and made for moms and future ones who want to pamper and attempt to keep a jelly belly at bay. As I already said, pregnancy can be harsh for the body, especially for skin because with a growing belly, your skin becomes dry, sensitive and patchy. Stretch marks can usually show up too.

To help with that, Burt’s Bees made Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, an extra rich belly butter specially formulated to nourish and moisturize the skin during pregnancy. The product uses a combination of natural butter to make the skin soft and smooth before and after pregnancy and has no parabens, no phthalates, no parabens, no petrolatum or SLS.


Active Ingredients

This butter is made of 99% natural ingredients. One of the primary active ingredients of Mama Bee Belly Butter is Shea butter with its exceptional ability to keep skin moisturized and elastic. This ingredient has also been noted as a great agent to reduce wrinkles and other signs of skin aging from developing, and even restore the elasticity of the skin. It is natural fat extracted from the fruit of the Karite tree and has been shown to offer powerful nourishing and moisturizing properties that help improve the elasticity of the skin. It is considered to be one of the most popular natural remedies for the prevention and reduction of stretch marks.

Another primary active ingredient is Cocoa Butter, which helps stretch marks by seeping into the dermis (middle layer) and not just the epidermis (top layer). Cocoa Butter comes from the beans of the cocoa tree and is native to the tropical regions of the South and Central Americas. Cocoa Butter is incredibly rich in vitamins A, E, and stearic acid and helps stretch marks by seeping into the dermis (middle layer) and not just the epidermis (top layer).

Jojoba oil is another active ingredient that helps women who want to get rid of stretch marks after their delivery. Jojoba oil plays an important role as a remedy because it moisturizes your skin and makes it smoother.

The formulation of the extra rich belly butter also includes vitamin E, an ingredient known for its antioxidant powers as well as regenerate abilities. Vitamin E optimizes the effects of the other active ingredients and is also nourishing and protective of your skin. It accumulates in the epidermis layer of the skin and serves as a barrier to stop moisture evaporation, which helps to improve the skin’s strength, condition, and elasticity, which supports the reduction of the appearance of stretch marks.

The butter contains some other great oils like sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil, and all of them do magic on their own. However, in this combination, it can only be even better.

There are several other ingredients at work in Mama Bee’s Belly Butter, too, including water, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Sucrose Stearate, Soybean Oil, Lactic Acid, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Sucrose Polystearate, Tocopherol, Xanthan Gum, and Phenoxyethanol.


Helping With Stretch Marks

As I already said, stretch marks are a common problem for women especially those who have just given birth. Although they are not medical problem, they can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness.

Preventing stretch marks from developing during pregnancy is the primary claim of Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. The product helps nourish and moisturise the skin during and after pregnancy and works in preventing stretch marks by keeping the skin smooth and supple before and after pregnancy. This magic tub can also increase skin elasticity to help it cope with the considerable stretching of the skin, especially in the belly and breast areas. It is natural so, it does have the natural smell and no added scents. It can also be used post-partum to help care for skin as it recovers and give your tummy a head start on getting back to its toned, smooth self. Many users of the product noted that the butter wasn’t too greasy, it left their skin feeling soft, and that it works well as a moisturizer.

„The consistency of the cream is nice enough that a little goes a long way, it’s not too thick/ glue-like. It absorbs pretty quick so I don’t have to wait forever to put my shirt on. There’s little to no smell as well which is nice. I’ve always been a fan of Burt’s Bee products – a little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. Would recommend, “ says Kayla Quinn, an Amazon reviewer.

It’s important to note that the rich belly butter is designed as preventative care so you need to use it before gaining weight or before your belly gets bigger during pregnancy. This lovely product makes the skin supple and flexible helping it to cope with the physical stress caused by the significant stretching of the skin, which is the primary cause of the appearance of stretch marks. The formula contains cocoa butter and vitamin E and works by improving the elasticity of the skin and nourishing it to make it stronger.

As far as skin irritation goes, skin irritation is the only known side effect from using the product. This usually occurs when the user has highly sensitive skin or as a result in hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in the formulation. Before applying the butter on affected areas perform skin testing on a small area then observe for about half an hour to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients in the formulation. Also, if you intend to breast feed then it’s very important to wipe off any residue from the butter that may have contacted your breasts.


Who Can Use Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter?

The Mama Bee Belly Butter is designed for anyone who wants to prevent the development of stretch marks whether during pregnancy or puberty. Using the Butter is extremely simple and easy. Take a wished amount and apply it on the belly and breasts along with other stretch mark prone areas to keep the skin supple and prevent the development of stretch marks. For optimal results, you should apply it twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening.



Choosing a stretch mark cream is a very difficult process because more than 90% of the stretch mark creams being sold today are ineffective. It takes a lot of time for thorough research to find the best cream that can help you solve your problem. To make it a lot easier for you, we have carefully examined this product and its effectiveness, safety and affordability.

The Mama Bee Belly Butter is thick, buttery and easily absorbed, and contains clinically proven ingredients for preventing stretch marks. This Belly Butter is not only for your tummy, but also for other parts like breasts, hips or where ever you feel like extra care is needed. A real pleasure to use.