The Best Brow Shapes to Compliment Your Face

November 17, 2023 By Thea Off
The Best Brow Shapes to Compliment Your Face

Like haircuts, when you see an eyebrow shape that you like, it doesn’t mean that the same brow shape will flatter your face. Your ideal eyebrows depend on the shape of your face. Also, the correct arches won’t just accentuate your eyes and make you appear younger, they can even help you apply less makeup.

We visited Joey Healy , a celebrity eyebrow specialist, and asked him for his advice. He explained that the right eyebrow is a sure way to opening up the whole eye area. It will also help you to improve the overall symmetry of your face. He said that the ideal eyebrow will help you look young, fresh, healthy, rested, and generally more beautiful.

So how do you go about learning how to shape your brows? For beginners, your distinctive shape of face has a major role in understanding which brow shape is right for you. We consulted Healy to break down the perfect eyebrows for a range of different shapes of face, so you can find your own perfect shape.


Long Facelong-face_extended

Healy said that a long shaped face is characterized by characteristics which are vertically stretched out. He explained that it is crucial to add extended length to the tails of your eyebrows east-to-west in order to play up horizontal features.

He said that he always recommends that the tail of eyebrows extend beyond the corner of your eye, but women whose face is long should make a point for tails to extend a little longer. You should watch out when modelling the tail, however, as letting it out too much will drag your eye down and make it look droopy.





Square Facesquare-face_slightly-rounded

A square jaw emphasizes the angularity of your face, so gently rounded eyebrows are perfect for square face. Healy said that your eyebrows shouldn’t be too angular and that you should beware of making your eyebrows look too round, so you should be careful not to over pluck them and make rainbow-shaped eyebrows.







Heart-Shaped Faceheart-shaped_groomed

Healy explained that despite the fact that bold eyebrows are in fashion this season, a heart-shaped face will certainly want to steer shy of this trend. He said that it is very important to maintain your eyebrows extraordinarily groomed and well-manicured because of the tiny jawline and accent on the upper part of the face. So thin eyebrows are never in! The plane here is to make a shape which can be controlled and it is never bushy. This tight eyebrow on the top part of your face is here to balance the lesser chin and jawline of the bottom half.






Round Faceround-face_high-arch

Healy said that you want to make sure your eyebrows are very angular if you have a round face. Since there is a lack of definition in women who have round face, the perfect angled eyebrows can bring out and define facial bone structure which is lacking or not present. For women whose face is round, a higher arch is the best.







Oval Faceoval-face_slightly-arched

He said that for this well-proportioned shape of the face, classic, balanced eyebrows are ideal. It is important to follow Healy’s three recommendations for all shapes of the face (see below).







All Face Shapes

It doesn’t matter what shape your face is, there are three great tips that you should follow when it comes to your eyebrows.

  1. The head of your eyebrow should start at the bridge of your nose. Healy said that this point can be simply located by vertically placing a pencil up to either side of your nose bone.
  2. Healy explained that the arch of your brows should be about 2/3 of the way out. She said that one of the largest errors she notices almost every day is a cantered arch. This creates the dreaded rainbow-shaped eyebrows.
  3. You mustn’t cut your eyebrows short. Healy explained that the tail of the eyebrow should, at the very least, end on an imaginary line from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eye. He said that you can let it to extend a bit further, provided that the tail doesn’t finish lower than where the head starts (this may cause your eyes appear droopy). To best lift your eye you should make sure your tails always taper to a crisp point.