This Magical Japanese Washcloth Will Help You to Have Flawless Skin

November 17, 2023 By Thea Off

Other parts of our body don’t get nearly as much care as our faces and this is the fact. Our face is more public and this is the reason why it gets so much love when it comes to skin care. But it is also important to maintain the other parts of the body. So if you want to make a change in the aspiration towards shining, flawless skin, this is top product for you – Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth.

We first heard about them when actress Natalie Morales mentioned them in an interview with Into the Gloss. She said that her friend and famous actress, Emma Stone, had suggested them to her. When we visited the post’s comment section, we saw that users were delighted with them. One commenter said that these pastel-hued towels gave him baby’s-but skin, while another used the hashtag #Salux Life.




Since releasing in the 60’s, these magical washcloths have gained a cult status. Their special texture is made from 40% polyester and 60% nylon. It softly exfoliates and removes dead skin and it increases circulation to help you get extra-smooth, glow-y complexion.

This cloth is great because as you polish your skin with it, it also help cleanse it – sopping up bacteria, oil and dirt. This is particularly helpful to acne-prone areas, such as your back and shoulders. These winners of The Japanese National Invention Award have one more good thing – they are also inexpensive (they cost less than $6) and they last forever because they are simple to clean and they are also very durable.

You can’t find them in your local pharmacy, but thanks to Amazon you can order them online. But be careful not to purchase copy. They aren’t made in Japan, and don’t provide you nearly the same results.