10 Things That Every Woman Should Know About Makeup Brushes

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

There are so many makeup brushes on the market today, so it is very difficult to know which ones are the best for you and how to take care of them. From selection, to utilization and keeping, things may get a bit difficult and many women are often left thinking about whether they do it the right way. This confusion is normal and frequent, and that is the reason why you should read this article to clear things up. In this article you can find 10 crucial things every women should know about makeup brushes. makeup-brushes


  1. A fancy cleanser isn’t required.

Antibacterial liquid soap, gentle shampoos and moisturizing white bar soap are excellent for cleaning makeup brushes. You should wash your brushes in water, swirl them into the soap or shampoo so it lathers up, rub it exhaustively in order to clean the whole brush and not only the tips, and wash them off till the water becomes clear.


  1. You don’t have to have every different type of brush.

There are so many different brushes on the market, and you can find them in many different sizes and shapes, so many women often think that they are missing out if they don’t have all types of makeup brushes. But, you don’t need every different type of makeup brushes – you need only six makeup brushes. You should purchase a powder brush, an angle brush, a concealer/foundation brush, a contour brush, a blending brush and a crease brush. With these six brushes your collection is full and you are prepared to create any look you like.


  1. You should never soak your makeup brushes.

If you soak your makeup brushes, water may seep into the handle and this can loosen the glue which holds it together. This can cause the brush fall apart. You should only hold the bristles, face down, under lightly running water to avoid this.


  1. You should lay your makeup brushes flay to dry.

When your brushes are cleaned you should use a dry washcloth and softly squeeze around the bristles, until they aren’t wet anymore. After that, lay your makeup brushes on a dry washcloth on a desk and let the bristles hang off the edge of the desk. In this way, you will protect the shape of your brushes. Make sure to always leave your brushes to dry nearer to fresh air or windows. If you leave them to dry in places where without sunlight, they may have a funny odour, similar to soggy clothes.


  1. You have to clean your brushes on a regular basis.

You should know that dirty brushes can cause many kinds of troubles, from creating breakouts from the built up bacteria to causing a muddy application. You should clean your makeup brushes regularly, at least one time in a week. In this way, your makeup will look impeccable, your skin will be clear, and your makeup brushes will last much longer.


  1. Size is very important.

You should purchase brushes with short bristles, because the longer the bristle, the softer the coverage and application. It’s the brushes with short bristles that will provide fuller coverage and application.


  1. You should know the difference between bristles.

There are two types of bristles – synthetic and natural. Synthetic makeup brushes are made up of manufactured bristles, usually from nylon or similar synthetic materials, while natural brushes are normally made out of various animal hairs.



  1. When you want to apply cream and liquid products, synthetic makeup brushes are your best choice.

Synthetic brushes don’t have a cuticle, unlike natural makeup brushes. This is why they are an excellent choice when you want to apply cream or liquid products, because they won’t trap your makeup. Synthetic bristles gravitate towards one another, and this is why they are perfect for precise application.


  1. When you want to apply powder products, natural makeup brushes are your best choice.

Natural brushes are loaded with texture so they are perfect with any powders from eyeshadows to bronzers, and anything in between. Natural hair bristles move freely and they provide better application. These bristles allow you to pick up a sufficient amount of product in one swipe and to blend it out nicely.


  1. You should know when it is time to get rid of your makeup brushes.

Your makeup brushes will last longer if you take care of them, but everything has an expiration date. It’s time to get rid of your brush if the handle of the brush breaks, or your brush is shedding, or it is impossible to get your brush clean anymore.