101 60 Seconds Makeover Tips

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

Every woman knows that a makeover isn’t always about jumping on the pink-hair  bandwagon or plucking off all your hair. It is usually the easy tricks which can make the big difference. You can try any of these 60 seconds makeovers if you want to change things up a little.photo4

  1. Provide your skin a fresh glow. Nico Guilis, makeup professional, says that he always use his hands to apply foundation to the skin as if it is a moisturizer. He explains that this allows him to press it into his skin without looking spotty or streaky.
  2. Apply a concealer one shade lighter than the tone of your skin at the external corners to give lift to your eyes.
  3. Jamie Greenberg, makeup professional, recommends adding a couple of false eyelashes at the corner of your eyes. He says that this is his favourite trick because it makes your eyes wide and you can’t notice that you wear makeup.
  4. Instead of a cream formula use a lip lacquer or colored gloss. Shiny, vinyl lips make a huge impact.
  5. Pink feel too Malibu Barbie? A rich red has the identical effect. We recommend CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lip Colorin Hot.
  6. For an immediate wake up slick on a shock of hot pink lipstick. We recommend Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tarin Anime and Nars Schiap.
  7. Vaseline is a great choice as a cheekbone highlighter, particularly if you want to get that glowy, summertime look.
  8. And for a sexy sheen, apply a small amount of clear gloss or Vaseline.
  9. Make powder shadow long-lasting and more vibrant by prep lids using an eye primer.
  10. Intensify eyeshadow shade by applying it using a wet brush.
  11. Make your eyes appear more awake and brighter by lining the inner rims of your lids using pale peach or white eyeliner.
  12. Make your eyelashes appear thicker by lining the inner rim of your upper eyelid using chocolate brown or black liner.
  13. Instead of your neutral eye shadow, use violet or pale shimmering pistachio. Pastels are easy to pull off, but they give your look a subtle color.
  14. Fake high cheekbones by swiping highlighter along the tops of your cheeks. Use matte powder bronzer to contour the hollows.
  15. Mally Roncal, a makeup professional, explains that lining the inner rim of the eye is an excellent way to add a bit of what he loves to call „instant fierceness“. He explains that it is very important to use a liner which is safe for the inner rim and waterproof, such as Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner.
  16. Make your lip color pop by adding a bit of illuminating highlighter on the Cupid’s bow of your upper lip. We recommend Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat.
  17. After applying shadow, tap a small amount of glitter pigment on the center of your lid to get a pretty sparkle which will catch the light.
  18. For a lighter, more blended effect, apply BB cream using a brush instead of your fingers.
  19. Give your complexion a nice sheen by mixing a couple of drops of liquid illuminator with BB cream or your highlighter.
  20. Apply concealer or foundation over your pout before your lip color if your lips are naturally dark and you want to get true color of the tube.
  21. For sheer, diffused color which looks like a stain, use your ring finger to apply lipstick to your lips.
  22. Apply concealer around the outer line of your lipstick with a brush to clean up the shape.
  23. For a crisp, clean shape you should line your lips after you apply your lipstick.
  24. Make the optical illusion of smoother texture by dusting light-reflecting mineral powder over your skin.
  25. Alleviate redness by applying a primer with a green tint. We recommend NP Set Calming Foundation Primer.
  26. To get brighter-looking teeth, use toothpaste which has optical blue brighteners, like Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste.
  27. Blue-based red lipstick has a similar effect on your pearly teeth.
  28. Would you like to look more awake? Katey Denno, makeup professional, explains that if you have a deeper skin tone, you should apply orange pigment to camouflage purplish under eye circles. She says that the area will look impeccable and bright when topped with a concealer the same color as the skin tone. Women who have fairer complexions should use a peach-toned concealer.
  29. Kimberly Soane, Manager at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, says that you should mix two blush shades instead of one, because layering two blush colors – a pop of blush and a natural blush – helps your blush last longer, because it fades as the days goes on.
  30. One more Soane’s trick: Apply powder using a puff instead of a brush to prevent shiny skin. She explains that by doing this, you are applying powder and soaking any excess oil, as opposed to a powder brush that will only dust on powder.
  31. Use red blush instead of pink. Red might look frightening in the compact, but a sheer swipe on skin makes a nice flush.
  32. Instead of black mascara, try a turquoise or plum shade on your lower eyelashes for a subtle color pop.
  33. Lift your whole eye area by highlighting your eyebrow bone. We recommend Benefit High Brow. You shouldn’t use white frosty eye shadow because the effect may look too retro.
  34. Immediate facelift: When pencilling in your eyebrows you should extend the tail end to make it higher or at the same level as where the eyebrow starts (never lower because it will bring down your features).
  35. The most beautiful way to wear colored eye makeup: Apply black liquid eyeliner along the upper eyelash line and then add a stroke of brightly colored eyeliner just above it.
  36. You are not using an eyelash curler? You should try it! A small crimp will open up your eyes, even without wearing mascara.
  37. Coat your lashes with translucent face powder with an eye shadow brush and then apply mascara on top. The powder helps to bulk up eyelashes for immediate volume.
  38. Go bold with a jungle green or bright teal if you have brown eyes because they can wear any shade.
  39. Make hazel or green eyes pop by using purple liner.
  40. Bright out blue eyes by swapping black liner for navy.
  41. Channel Twiggy, the fashionable way, with this tip from Jake Bailey, Emmy Rossum‘s makeup professional: „Using cream liner and a little angled brush, I painted small eyelashes in between her real lower eyelashes to make that false eyelash effect.“ Photo.photo4
  42. Dab a brush dipped in glitter shadow on the tips of eyelashes while they are still damp with mascara to add subtle sparkle.
  43. Chisel sexy cheekbones by mixing blush with bronzer. Apply bright blush on your apples and bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks.
  44. Brighten up for daytime by sweeping a shimmery eye shadow, which is a couple shades lighter than your skin, over your lids.
  45. Pair inky eyeliner along your top eyelash line using champagne or metallic rose gold line along your lower eyelashes to lighten up.
  46. Counteract a sallow complexion by using a purple-tinted primer.
  47. After you are done with your makeup, help powders blend with your skin and last longer by misting your face using a mineral water spray.
  48. Strong eyebrows are in fashion so you should apply an eyebrow powder which is a shade darker than you normally wear to get a bold night-time look.
  49. Give your skin a lit-from-within glow by switching powder blush for a cream formula.
  50. Stroke a highlighter pen along the nasolabial lines and blend to downplay lines around your nose and mouth.
  51. Apply a dark shadow on the outer corner of the eye and a pale colored eye shadow on the inside corner to make your eyes appear bigger and wider.
  52. Mix a squirt of face cleanser with a bit of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Powder  in your hand to softly slough dead skin and disclose brighter complexion.
  53. Give your skin a fast peel and instant glow by swiping using exfoliating pad like Philosophy The Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads.
  54. Use linen washcloth to remove your makeup. It will also exfoliate and cleanse your skin at the same time.
  55. Alter your hairstyle by tucking the front pieces behind your ears. This will completely change your look.
  56. Apply pomade into the ends of your hair using your fingers to add a bit some rock and roll texture to medium or short length hair.
  57. Mist a clean spoolie brush or mascara wand using hairspray and brush over unruly pieces to quickly tame flyaways.
  58. For immediate volume part your hair on the opposite side as you normally do.
  59. Try this 60 seconds hairstyle trick from celebrity hair specialist Harry Josh. He says that you should make a deep side part in wet hair, then twist to make a bun and smooth using Frizz Ease hair serum. To finish, pin a flower behind your ear. He explains that the flower and side part make it elegant.
  60. You can’t spare time for tanner to develop or you simply can’t stand the smell? You should smooth on a waterproof body bronzer like Tarte Maracuja Rainforest Glow.
  61. Mix lip balm with cayenne and cinnamon oil to make homemade lip plumping product. It will make your lips to swell.
  62. Dab clear gloss in the center of the bottom lip to make your lips appear plumper.
  63. Apply white nail polish as your base layer before applying a neon nail color. The white base will make polish appear brighter.
  64. Increase your volume with few clip in extension pieces, which secure at the root using a simple barrette.
  65. Take a break from fringe by french braiding your bangs along your hairline.
  66. Use clip-in bangs to test drive your look. You will see that this can look unexpectedly natural.
  67. Press the round end of a slightly wet Beauty Blender sponge over your face to revive your foundation. Make sure to blend any areas which look cakey.
  68. Use balm to coat your lips before you apply the rest of your makeup. Your pot will be thoroughly hydrated by the time you finish with lip color.
  69. If you have sparse eyebrows, try combing them downward instead of up after you fill in using a pencil. By doing this, the hair will camouflage the pencil marks and make a more natural finish.
  70. Weave a colorful hair scarf into your plait to upgrade your braid.
  71. Braid your hair before twisting it into a stylish chignon to upgrade your bun.
  72. Tease your hair at the crown before pulling it up to upgrade your ponytail.
  73. Carmindy, makeup artist, says that red, tired eyes can make you look exhausted. A couple of drops of Visine can help you to get rid of red and wake up your whole face.
  74. One more trick from Carmindy: „A deep navy tinted mascara doesn’t only create a rich, seductive, wide awake eyelash look, but the blue shade contrasts with the white of your eyes to make them look much brighter.“
  75. Use a liner pencil to draw over any eye makeup which is smudged throughout the day to get the desk-to-dinner smoky eye. Use a Q-tip to make it even sexier and smudgier.
  76. Add subtle dimension to your look by dabbing a bright pink hue in the center of your red lip.
  77. Immediately upgrade your liquid eyeliner skills: Begin on the side which is more difficult, and it will be simpler to make the „easy“ side match.
  78. One more liquid eyeliner trick: Use pencil to line your eyes and then draw a liquid line on top.
  79. Change your hairstyle by twisting and pinning a piece behind one ear. So beautiful, so simple.
  80. Add body by finishing off your blowout with a couple of spritzes of texturizing spray like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.
  81. For glossy finish use shine spray post-blow dry to mist strands.
  82. Dust powder bronzer between and over your breasts in a „3“ shape to play up your décolletage.
  83. For gleaming skin, mix your body lotion and shimmer powder.
  84. Dust shimmer powder over your shoulders and collarbone to make a beautiful glow for a special dress or special event.
  85. Use a reactivating spray, like DevaCurl Mist-er Right, to mist your hair to revive your second-day curls.
  86. If you have problems with puffy eyes, you can decrease swelling by pressing a cold metal spoon over the area for a couple of seconds.
  87. Smooth on a cream that contains hyaluronic acid to immediately minimize fine lines around your eyes. Oscar Hevia, cosmetic dermatologist, explains that it is a water-attracting gel which works effectively in any creams to help to bring plumpness back to your skin to reduce wrinkles.
  88. Fake a shaved side haircut – to get an asymmetrical look you should make a cornrow braid on one side of your head.
  89. Fake a makeover – to test drive a short cut you should pin your hair into a faux bob.
  90. Soften a stiff updo by using a clean kabuki brush to rough up the surface. A softer texture is more youthful and fashionable.
  91. When you are having a shower, allow your conditioner some extra time to soak into your hair while you exfoliate or shave.
  92. To get shinier strands, distribute the natural oils from your scalp by brushing your hair before you shampoo.
  93. For hair which has become flat, resuscitate volume by applying spray gel at the roots.
  94. You don’t need a lot of money to follow Jaime King’s skin care tip. „Many famous and rich people have Clarisonics, which are truly brilliant? Using a top quality hand towel when washing your face will have the same effect and it won’t cost you much.“
  95. Gucci Westman, Cameron Diaz’s makeup artist, says that she recommends this fast trick to get rid of a pimple. Westman says that she applies Visine and Neosporin when she has a pimple because they reduce the swelling and the redness.
  96. Cate Blanchett says that macadamia and olive oils are excellent for your complexion. She says that you should apply them when you are having shower and they will make your skin zing.
  97. Nina Dobrev recommends this 60 seconds trick to get clearer skin. She says that she was given the hot towels on a Vampire Diaries, when you take off your makeup, they will open up the skin and allow it to breathe. She explains that opening your pores with heat is great and you can hydrate and revive your skin by applying moisturizer right afterwards.
  98. Kate Hudson revives her skin by putting her face in an ice bath. How long does she hold it in the bath? She says that it depends how desperately she wants it.
  99. Drew Barrymore says that she adores when women highlight the corner of their eyes.
  100. Drew also multitasks with her beauty products. She says that she still likes to apply her lipstick on her cheeks. She explains that she likes it because there is symmetry in the color.
  101. Jessica Chastain gives a tip on how to take a better photo, in one second. She explains that you can keep from over-smiling by sticking your tongue behind your teeth when you smile. She says that this is an actor’s trick and that your gums may show a bit too much if you don’t do it.