101 Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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101 Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup Tips

  1. You can make your eyes look larger and brilliant by using a flesh colored line on the water rim of your lower eyelash line.
  2. You should choose a brightly colored liner instead of your neutral brown or black one.
  3. You should draw a thick line onto the back your hand, use a hard eye brush to take the pigment and then apply it to your eyes if you don’t want to use soft eyeliner pencils.
  4. If you want to better camouflage your ender-eye circles, you should apply foundation first and then concealer to the circles.
  5. If you want to brighten your whole face you should apply a shimmery champagne color in the internal corner of your eyes.pop
  6. You don’t want to destroy your makeup but you need eye drops? You should breathe air in through your nose as you apply eye drops into your eyes. Your tear ducts will absorb the drops before they destroy your makeup.
  7. Put highlighter onto your eyebrow bone.
  8. You should apply black liner around the whole eye, including the water line if you want to make your eye color stand out.
  9. Apply eyeshadow made for your eye color, such as Almay Intense i-Color Kit 
  10. If you want to sharpen a cat eye or improve eye makeup errors then you should immerse a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and wipe away the offending makeup.
  11. If you want to make the whites of your eyes look brighter you should use blue eyeliner.
  12. If you want to get a dramatic eye, you should apply a little triangle of color at the external corner of your eye as well as the darker shade to the crease.
  13. Use your finger or a brush to push the color into your eyelid instead of swiping on eyeshadow. It will provide your eyelids more pigmented looks.
  14. You can remove your makeup using coconut oil. It’s natural, efficient and tender.
  15. Use lighter colored concealer to mask crow’s feet.
  16. You should always have a clean Q-tip or eyeshadow brush with you. Every time you retouch your makeup, run it over your eyelids to eliminate any surplus shadow which has gathered in the crease.
  17. You should use your ring finger to apply products to your sensitive eye region, because this finger utilize less force then your other fingers.
  18. Before applying your makeup you should use eye cream below your eyes and apply it on your eyelids. It will help eye makeup go on smoothly.
  19. You should combine a lot of dark eyeshadow and some shimmer and many smudging to get a classic smoky eye look.HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 05: Actress Marion Cotillard arrives at the premiere of "Rust and Bone" during the 2012 AFI Fest presented by Audi at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on November 5, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
  20. You should dab spots of highlighter down at eyebrow bone and around your eye after you have applied your eye makeup. Blend everything in to make the whole region brighter.
  21. You should apply an eye cream with built in coverage, such as  Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream to fight eyes which are both dark and swollen.
  22. The most significant rule when you have a smoky eye is to keep the rest of your face soft if you want to go dark.
  23. To cover up puffy eyes you should apply a darker shade of concealer. Darker shades recede and that means that your eye bags are less noticeable.
  24. Apply navy blue shadow if you have brown eyes to really make them stand out.
  25. Apply a peach color under your brows and all over your eyelids if your eyes are blue to make them pronounced.
  26. Apply a creamy black eye pencil to border your eyes if you want to get a more defined look.
  27. Apply the same color on your bottom eyelash line that you use on your eyelids if you want to furthermore blend a smoky eye.
  28. You can make subtile smoky eye appearance which looks great on everybody by using darker shades of brown and nude.
  29. If you want to have a unique appearance you should dab a brightly colored cream shade on the internal corners of your eyes.
  30. If you want to create dimension you should use two colors which are alike but dissimilar (such as dark blue and light blue).
  31. You should be careful when it comes to your eyes so you should Change out your mascara every three months.
  32. You can immediately modify the shape of your eyes by making a triangle of opaque white shade in the inner corner of your eye and up to the eyebrow.
  33. If you need to decrease swelling in the morning you can use ice cube to massage over swollen eyes.
  34. You should try out purple eyeshadow shades like violet, amethyst and lavender if your eyes are green. For eyeliner you should use a deep plum.
  35. If you want to get a dramatic effect you should extend your shadow above the crease. You should use a rich café au lait shade instead of intensely dark shadow because it looks less rough.
  36. If you want to increase the color and give it lasting power you should apply a primer and then eyeshadow.
  37. If you want to open the eye you should apply a light colored, cream-based shimmery shadow to the lid.
  38. Use rich brown burnished gold or warm copper eyeshadow if your eyes are blue. For eyeliner, chocolate is perfect.
  39. You should never apply liner in the internal first third of the eye because it will make your eyes seem nearer set.NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 08: Charlize Theron attends the launch of DIOR VIII hosted by Charlize Theron at Dior Boutique on June 8, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Dior)
  40. You should think about using different wash detergent if you are always waking up to swollen eyes because there is a chance that you are allergic.
  41. If your hair is red you should use neutral eyeshadow shades which don’t interfere with your hair.
  42. Dark makeup may make your eyes recede so you should use shimmery highlight shades to add depth.
  43. If you want to make your eyes look bigger you should combine pale eyeshadow with a black liner all over the eyelid and a darker shade in the crease.
  44. Blend in using a brush to hide hard lines of eyeshadow.
  45. Apply warm and peach neutrals on your eyes If your hair is brown .
  46. First apply concealer to dark circles under your eyes and then use a yellow-based setting powder to follow up to make it last longer and to neutralize dark circles (purple and blue are neutralized by yellow).
  47. If you want to get defined eye which is going to last all day you should use a damp, thin brush to apply dark eyeshadows on the lower or upper eyelash line.
  48. Watch out of brown eyeshadow shades which are erubescent because they can make you look exhausted or hangover.
  49. You probably need to use less eyeshadow than you believe you do. You should begin with the small amount of eyeshadow on your brush, and work it from the outside to make a soft smoke.
  50. You can use a Q-tip if you have applied too much eyeshadow. Simply dip it into lotion and softly wipe off the tone you need to remove. After that, use your sponge tip applicator or pinky and just brush on a bit of neutral shadow to soften your look.
  51. You should try Morphe Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette if you want to get a smoky eye in a pinch.52
  52. You should never apply an eyeshadow which is the same color as your eyes because your eyes won’t stand out.

Tricks for The Impeccable Cat Eye

  1. If you want to get a smoky cat eye you should use a palette of stone grey shades. You should try Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eye Shadow Palette because there is a big assortment of colors to choose from.
  2. You should apply eyeliner past the length of your brow when making a cat eye. You can get rid of excess makeup, but if you have stopped too soon it may be pretty difficult to make a liquid line longer with precision.
  3. You should follow the external bottom eyelash line upward when creating a cat eye to get the impeccable line.
  4. Before trying to draw a cat eye you should apply shadow to be sure you don’t smear it.
  5. You should draw short lines and connect them by smearing the liner using a Q-tip if drawing a straight line of eyeliner at the base of the eyelids is too difficult for you.
  6. When you are creating a cat eye you should tilt your chip up but look down at a looking glass.
  7. You should start at the inner of your lid and draw the liquid liner applicator all the way across the eyelid to the outer of your eye if you want to get a daytime cat eye. You should move the applicator out and up to make a wing effect when you get to the outside of your eye. And to not make it too dramatic, this line should be the same length as your eyelash.
  8. You should apply a coat of shadow, create your cat eye, wait for it do dry and then apply one more coat of shadow to soften your look if you want to get a daytime cat eye.
  9. If nothing else works out, you should try a stick-on Eye Rock Designer Liner to get the desired cat eye effect.
  10. Create your cat eye bold by using a bright color instead of your regular brown or black to draw your cat eye.
  11. Use taupe eyeliner to draw a practice line if you are having difficulties with liquid liner and then use the liquid to trace it.

Luxuriant Eyelashes

  1. Instead of a volumizing mascara you should use a lengthening one If you wear glasses. When enlarged by lenses, mascara can look clumpy.
  2. If you want to make your eyelashes seem fuller you should apply a dark kohl liner to the eyelashes root.
  3. If you want to make your eyelashes appear thicker and larger you should apply a lash primer and then mascara.
  4. There is no need to stop at one layer of mascara! You should wait for the first layer to dry before applying another. Be careful to use mascara which will not clump.
  5. Use a little mascara brush on your lower eyelashes, as well as the eyelashes close the internal corner of your eyes. A tiny brush will make it more easier to apply mascara onto the smaller eyelashes.
  6. If you want to make your eyes seem lifted you should not apply mascara on the bottom eyelashes.69
  7. You should try out fake eyelashes because they make your eyes appear larger.
  8. If you want to get extra long eyelashes you should put the tip of the mascara brush on the external corners of your eyelashes, make a couple of strokes and then work your way in. Your eyes will appear more open by extending the corner eyelashes.
  9. Layer single fake lashes along the top eyelash line. You should apply brown mascara on the bottom eyelashes and black on the top.
  10. When applying mascara, while you move the brush up remotely turn it from the outside to completely split your eyelashes.
  11. Take the mascara wand and place it at the very base of your eyelashes and then, applying side-to-side movement, move the wand upwards in a single long steady stroke.
  12. Press the color into your eyelashes while lining the eyelashes so there is no space between the line and your eyelashes. You want the liner to appear like a part of your eyelashes.
  13. Some mascara formulas don’t go together, so you should avoid using different mascaras or else you will end up with clumps.
  14. You should avoid pumping the mascara wand too much in the bottle because in this way air may come in, which may produce clumps.
  15. When you want to use an eyelash curler, you should clamp down at the base, take the eyelash curler out, clamp down again, shift the eyelash curler to the ends and clamp down one more time.
  16. If your eyelashes are too thin you should use translucent powder to dust the lashes before applying mascara to add volume.
  17. If you want to split clumped eyelashes you should use an eyelash comb with metal teeth.
  18. You should highlight under your eyes to lighten your face and emphasize your eyes.
  19. If your eyelashes are clumped, you can use a spiral brush to get rid of mascara clumps by swirling against your eyelashes.

Advices for Better Eyebrows

  1. If you want to get more defined brows, you should use a stencil, such as Anastasia Brow Stencils, which will help you to form your eyebrows perfectly.
  2. You should extend the end of tail to make it higher or at the even level as where your eyebrows begin (not lower, that brings down your features) while brushing your eyebrows.
  3. If you have sparse eyebrows you should try brushing them downward and not up after you use a pencil to fill in. In this way, your hair will hide the pencil marks and provide a more natural look.
  4. You should use your eyebrow pencil draw teeny hair-like marks when filling in your eyebrows to create more natural look.
  5. If you want to get a daring nighttime look you should use an eyebrow powder which is a shade darker than you usually wear.
  6. Before applying powder or pencil you should apply a primer on your brows. It will help the product to stay on your eyebrows much longer.
  7. Be careful while plucking your brows. You should pluck in the direction of the hair or else it may cause an ingrown hair.
  8. You should use clear mascara to spruce up your eyebrows and hold them in place.
  9. If you want to help your sparse brows grow back in you should use an eyebrow regrowth serum with active components, such as Prevage Clinical Lash & Brow Serum.
  10. The highest point of the eyebrow should not be in the middle of the eyebrow but around two-thirds of the way out.
  11. You should sometimes fake a fuller look because people who have thin eyebrows may look older.
  12. If your face is round you should aim for a more defined eyebrow arch to make your face look more oval.
  13. You should Never tweeze when you’re bored or mad because you may take off more than you wanted.
  14. You shouldn’t try to make your hair color match your brows totally. Sometimes you should choose darker or lighter shade than your hair color is.
  15. You should make your eyebrows start at the bridge of your nose.
  16. You should be aware that your eyebrows are not twins, they are sisters and you can never make them to look exactly the same.
  17. You should choose thick eyebrows if your face is square-shaped.
  18. If you can’t control your brows, then you should use a clear mascara to brush them upward. You should also trim them from time to time.
  19. You should choose a straight, flat eyebrow shape if your face is long.