22 Golden Tips to Help You When You Are Already Late

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off
22 Golden Tips to Help You When You Are Already Late



  1. Harden your freshly painted polish by immersing your nails in ice water.

If you have to go out but have to paint your nails, you should wait for couple of minutes for your lacquer to dry, and then immerse your fingertips in iced water to harden your polish.



  1. Use only 3 products to quickly create a full face of makeup.

You should use a base that you like, apply it all over and then blend. We recommend Skin Tint Crème III N. After that, use a dot of foundation to spot-treat blemishes and leave it to dry. In this way, the consistency gets thicker and behaves more like concealer. As your foundation sets on any delicate area, apply mascara to your eyelashes and wiggle it against your eyelash line if you want to apply it as liner. We used GLAMOLASH Mascara.


In the end, pat to blend the foundation you used over any blemishes and apply a daring lip color, such as E.L.F. Cosmetics Matte Lip Color in “Wine”. A statement lip will always make you appear like you spent more time applying your makeup than you actually did.


  1. Wiggle your mascara wand up against your lid instead of using eyeliner to transfer onto your upper eyelash line.

You should smooth out the smudge into a straight line using an angled brush. We recommend Sonia Kashuk angled brush and Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Eyes to Kill Mascara.


  1. To keep your makeup sponge from becoming dirty in your cosmetic purse or case, store it in a plastic egg.

You should place your makeup sponge in a plastic egg when you have to go out and apply your makeup when you get to work. You shouldn’t place it in your bag or purse.


  1. Use concealer to cover up your mistake and fix smudged makeup instantly.

You don’t have a makeup wipe with you? You can use concealer to hide your mistake if you color outside of your lip line and the shade stains your skin. We recommend Vert Concealer Stick.

  1. Use your ID as a shield for the mascara.

We have all been there. You are in a hurry or you have just applied the most gorgeous smoky eye and you have mascara all over your lid. How irritating. You can minimize the amount of mascara you have on your eye if you hold your school ID or a credit card against your upper eyelash line. We recommend Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.


  1. Use two different colored foundations for contouring if you don’t have a two-toned powder which lets you contour in one step.

Take the formula which you usually use in the summer (that is a bit darker than your complexion) and shade which you usually use in the winter (that is a bit lighter than your skin), and then apply the lighter one to highlight and darker to contour. Unlike winter and summer clothes, you usually have all the foundation shades you wear in your bathroom, so they will be fast and simple to apply. You can even select one or the other (highlighting or contouring), so you still get out of your home on time and looking beautiful.


  1. Run the top part of a makeup brush over a highlighter and the bottom part of the same makeup brush over a darker contour powder, and then apply it in one motion.

You can also choose a dual-toned product, such as L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Contour Palette, which has a Pac Man-shaped brush which fits to the curves of your cheekbone, highlighting and contouring it thoroughly in one fell swoop.


  1. Protect your base makeup by using a makeup shield or a tissue.

If you already have your foundation on, protect your base from becoming a total mess from eyeshadow fallout by using a makeup shield, such as the ones from Shadow Shields or hold a tissue against your face. If you do experience any fallout on your face, use translucent tape to pick it up, because it is the least powerful tape and won’t pull at your skin.


  1. Use a clean toothbrush to declump your mascara.

You might not be able to apply your mascara precisely if you are in rush. If your eyelashes end up looking clumpy, use a clean toothbrush to swipe it over your eyelashes to make them smooth. We recommend NYC New York Color Big Bold Full Impact Mascara.


  1. Create a fast smoky cat-eye by using a makeup wipe.

The most efficient way to make a smoky cat-eye is to use a fluffy brush to apply your favourite shadow, extending it a little beyond the outer corner of your eye. After that, use a makeup wipe and softly swipe away the shadow at the outer corner at an angle to reveal a precise winged smoky eye which look like you spend a lot of time creating it.


 12. Create a perfectly shaped eyebrow in one minute.

Begin by underling your eyebrow and tracing the top to your desired shape. We recommend Maybelline New York Brow Precise Micro Pencil. After that, use the spoolie on the opposite end of the brush to blend the line out till it is almost invisible. In the end, help groom your arches and fill in and hide any sparse areas by swiping on a tinted eyebrow mascara, such as Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Brow Gel .




  1. Blend your unruly leave out with the rest of your extensions by using a silk scarf.

You should wrap a silk scarf around your head, because your head gives off heat and silk retains moisture. You should also flatten your leave out as you secure it. In this way, as you apply your makeup, the heat from your head will be trapped under the silk scarf and persuade your hair to lay flat.


  1. When you wake up having bangs which can’t be tamed and controlled, fashion them into a style, such as a boho twist or a headband braid.

In this way, you won’t have to be concerned about being late because you were dealing with washing hair, or at least moistening your bangs, and then having to dry them out and spend 15 minutes on hair which is 10 cm long.


  1. Use a wet washcloth and some heat from your blow dryer to tame a cowlick fast.

Using water and heat is the only way to tame your cowlick. You should smooth your obstinate hairs down, place a wet washcloth over them, and let the water tame your cowlick for couple of minutes. Finally, use tension from a round brush to lock in the smoothed strands. Make sure you direct heat from your blow dryer from the roots to the ends.


  1. Use two shower caps to minimize the probability of a bad hair day and lock out the moisture from your shower.

If your hair doesn’t frizz up quickly, one might cut it. But, if your hair is extra-sensitive to moisture, then you should double up.


  1. Use dry shampoo at night to allow it to set.

Thanks to the turning and tossing you did while you were sleeping, you will have thoroughly tousled tresses when you wake up. We recommend Verb Dry Shampoo.


  1. Place a microfiber towel over a cotton one to soak excess water while you are applying your makeup.

Microfiber soaks much more than cotton and its soft texture helps cut down on friction, which causes frizz. So, you should twist your hair up into a microfiber turban, apply your makeup, blow-dry or air-dry your hair the next time you are late. We recommend Aquis Micro Fiber Hair Turban.


  1. Spritz your hairbrush with perfume to freshen up your hair.

If you would like your hair to smell nice but it isn’t to the point where you need dry shampoo, spritz your favourite perfume onto a hairbrush and then use to brush your hair. Be careful not to spray your perfume directly on your hair, because alcohol in the perfume can dry it out. We spritzed I Love Juicy Couture Eau de parfum Spray onto a Neon Wet Brush.

  1. Flat-iron your braid to create beautiful, undone waves.

Braid your hair in a traditional braid while your straightener heats up. After that, run your flat iron over the braid a couple of times. In the end, when your braid cools, unravel it and you will get beautiful, bend-y waves.


  1. Use body or hand lotion if you run out of anti-frizz cream.

Typical anti-frizz formula contains hydrating components, such as silicone, glycerine and panthenol to help your strands look smooth, which most lotions contain. We recommend Almond Coconut Milk Hand Cream that contains coconut milk and glycerine, or KMS Curl Up Perfecting Lotion that contains glycerine. You can apply this lotion even if your hair isn’t curly.

  1. Spray your hair with salt spray, wrap it up into a bun and then unravel it to get no-hassle beachy waves.

Instead of hating on your commute, use it to your advantage and let the heat from your head and some salt spray, such as Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion, work together to make gorgeous beachy waves.