3 Incredible Tips to Get Fuller Brows Now

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off

The hunt for fuller eyebrows is normally paved with depilatory disasters. It’s happened to many women – you are attempting to make your brows symmetrical, you get a bit overzealous with the wax strips or tweezers and accidentally your eyebrows look too thin. And now you are left feeling like an especially foolish plucked hen – and you are a bit nervous, because it is particularly difficult to regrow your eyebrows.fuller-eyebrows

But don’t worry, this damage isn’t imperishable. We visited Di Medlock, the manager of waxing at Exhale Spa, has all information on how to repair major plucking mistakes and regrow your brows.

He explained that he puts clients on „the system“ if they show an interest to regrow their eyebrows. He said that is crucial to see what your eyebrows are able of producing without external help. We allow the eyebrows to grow without threading, waxing or tweezing for a month because in this way I can see how much natural growth is possible, willpower and trouble spots of our clients.

We are resolved to follow this eyebrow game and we are ready for Di’s methods. Here are Di’s amazing tips for getting fuller eyebrows.

  1. Try Eyebrow Extensions

You can find eyebrow extensions in many salons now (they are like weave for your face). Eyebrow professionals dye real human hair to suit yours, and then apply the hairs to the existing brows. They are about $185 and they last about 14 days.

  1. Eyebrow Serums

Medlock recommends serums which can help regrow wimpy eyebrows if you are tired of faking it all the time. Medlock said that castor oil is proved Italian grandma remedy and that you should apply it to any zone where you would like to have thick, longer eyebrows. She recommends the top-effective serum, Revitalash Revitabrow Eyebrow Conditioner. It is Exhale’s top product. He said that it feeds the follicle to produce thicker, fuller brows and stimulates growth of roots from dormant follicles.

For prescription treatment, Medlock recommends Latisse. He said that it is the most potent eyelash conditioner you can find, and the important information for us is that it is very efficient for the eyebrows, too. Eyebrow serums may take up to a month to become fully effective, but the great news is that you will get great results which will last forever.

  1. Embrace Eyebrow Pencil/Gel.

When we want to fake large eyebrows, Medlock recommends that we should draw them because it is the most realistic looking method. Medlock said that you should use eyebrow gel, pencil or shadow every day if you want the immediate results. These can make the look of thicker, fuller eyebrows immediately without commitment.

If you want to learn how to fill in brows the simple way you should watch this video.