4 Tips to Make Your Thin Lips Appear Fuller

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off

You should leave the lip injections to Hollywood starlets. There are much simpler methods to make your thin lips appear fuller. These are very effective makeup tips which will help you to plump your lips immediately.thin-lips

  1. Apply a lip plumper.

Most lip plumpers contain special components which can help you to boost your lips natural production of collagen, while the others plump your lips temporarily. I adore Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb! Moisture Plumping Lip Tint because it enlarges the blood vessels to temporarily plump your lips. Also, this line is ideal for any event, because it has six colors, from beige, to classic red and light purple.

  1. Apply a lip liner.

You should apply a lip liner around the outside line of your lips.  Make sure to apply a lip liner which is just a bit of a shade darker than the lipstick you are wearing. You can create a subtle 3D effect which makes your lips appear fuller if you apply the darker liner on the outside of your mouth.

  1. Combine two lipsticks into one look.

When your lipstick slowly becomes lighter in the centre of your lips, it makes the appearance of plumper lips. You should apply your lipstick to your whole lip, and then apply a shimmery gloss or a slightly lighter shade in the centre of both your bottom and top lips. You should use a brush to blend these two lipsticks.

  1. Accentuate the outline.

You can create the illusion of bringing your lips forward if you make the outline of your lips lighter. You should apply a highlighter to outline the Cupid’s bow, the top lip and the groove which runs from the top of your lip to your nose.