5 Golden Tips for Heat Styling Your Hair

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off
5 Golden Tips for Heat Styling Your Hair

I have never seen anyone who gets out from bed with perfect hairstyle. And if I ever did see this woman I would be so jealous and we couldn’t become friends. All of us know that if we want the perfect hairstyle, we have to do a lot of brushing, straightening, blowing and spraying. And even though we have perfect pictures of ourselves as a final outcome, we also have fragile and dry hair caused by all the agony we put our hair through. Anna Jackson, hair stylist at the Maxine Salon in Chicago, explains that if you follow these tips and recommendations, you can have healthy and styled hair.styling

1. You should use the right size of tool.

This tip is very helpful, although it has more to do with styling your hair in a proper manner, than maintaining your hair healthy. „The result of the hair style you want will dictate what size of iron you purchase. Also, the size of the iron will depend on how dense your hair is. If your hair is very fine and you are using a flat iron, then I recommend a smaller iron which is 1″, but if your hair is long and thick then I recommend a 1 1/2″ flat iron because you will be able to style your hair quicker and in more effective way. For curling irons, normally 1″-1 1/4″ is standard. You should wrap your hair around the barrel leastwise 3 times if you are looking for a springy curl which bends many times. And you should wrap your hair around the iron 1.5-2 times if you want a little flip and a soft wave.“

2. You should apply heat protection before using any styling tool.

„You have to be sure that you always have something in your hair every time you want to use hot device. You should use a light oil, such as Ciment Thermique by Kérastase or Shu Uemura Essence Absolute before you blow dry. You should apply it a bit on the ends and it will protect your hair for a long time. You should use a very light-weight hold hairspray or a thermal protecting spray which has a small hold in it if you want to curl or flat iron your hair. And then if you want a softer look you should brush through your hair after ironing. Just make sure not to hold your hair in the iron or clam for too long or else you may end up with burnt hair.“

3. If you want to style your hair every day then you shouldn’t use heat.

Jackson said that you should use hot devices only if inevitable because heat will dry your hair fast and you will have to trim your hair more frequently and apply masque conditioners to help keep the moisture in if your hair is naturally dry or already dyed. You shouldn’t use your

curling iron and flat iron more than 1-2 times a week and you should blow out your hair 3-5 times a week.

4. You shouldn’t style your bangs with the curling iron.

Jackson explained that you shouldn’t use curling irons to style your bangs. She said that you should leave your curled bangs back in the 1980s, and hang on to only flat ironing and blow drying them.

5. You should always use professional devices.

„When using blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons you should make sure that you only use professional tools because they are much safer. Any tool which uses a tourmaline plate or a ceramic will do the job. Professional devices get hotter quicker and remain very hot. This means that you don’t have to use a flat iron to go over your hair many times or hold your hair in the barrel. Also, the plates and barrels are simple to use and they are very comfortable.