8 Effective Treatments That Can Help You to Eliminate Acne Overnight

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off
8 Effective Treatments That Can Help You to Eliminate Acne Overnight

We all hate acne. It can be scarring and painful and not to mention that people with acne often have plain bad look. There is never a good period to get acne, and as soon we get it we immediately start looking for any cure that can help us to eliminate it overnight. We all know that there is no immediate cure for acne, there are few very effective treatments on the market.


It doesn’t matter if you suffer from stress breakouts or you just have got acne prone skin, using an overnight acne treatment really can help to get rid of this problem. After trying product after product, we have found the top 8 treatments which will help you get rid of acne overnight. Try, test and enjoy your acne-free skin.

8 treatments to get flawless skin, while you sleep.

  1. Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel

This overnight clearing gel is very effective for people who have acne-prone skin. You should apply a thin layer of this gel to problem areas on your skin after thoroughly cleansing skin. Rinse it off when you get up. If the gel tends to dry out on your skin, apply it every other night.

  1. Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask

You should try this face mask if you are looking for an overnight face mask that will do the job. This sulphur mask soaks excess oil and pulls out impurities while you are asleep so you wake up with minimized pores and clear skin.

  1. Overnight Soothing Gel

This overnight soothing gel can help you to alleviate skin irritations (like sunburn) and clear up acne while you are asleep. This product has become a summer acne treatment staple.

  1. Happy Me Skincare Overnight Pimple Eliminator

You should try this effective overnight pimple eliminator if you want a natural acne solution. This product contains rosemary oil, zinc oxide, tangerine oil, sulphur and lavender oil and it is very effective if you want to eliminate pimples overnight.

  1. Clean & Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste

This product can help you if you have rebelled against every advice alerting you not to pop your pimples. You should apply this product to popped pimples and when they turn white that means it is drying out the acne you are healing.

  1. Clearasil Ultra Overnight Face Wash

This skin care product is cost-effective. It can help you eliminate acne and prevent future breakouts by exfoliating skin.

  1. Palmer’s Overnight Acne Cream

This cream starts working as soon as you apply it without over-drying your skin. This cream contains aloe and Vitamin E and it removes blemishes while restoring balance of skin.

  1. Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Overnight Repair

You should pack these acne treatment pads in your bag if you are planning summer holidays. You should use them before you go to sleep. This product contains salicylic acid which can help you to wake up having flawless skin.