8 Makeup Brushes That Every Woman Needs

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

Many women have doubts on what makeup brushes they need and they asked many questions about what kind of makeup brushes do they need! Same as wandlore, the makeup brushes are very important area of beauty study. The subject of makeup brushes owes as much to structure and science as to individual preference. Every woman has its own opinion about which makeup brushes are the best choice for them – the simple question of „synthetic or natural“? is sufficient to get makeup enthusiasts quarrelling passionately for hours.mac-brushes

But the truth is that you don’t need a collection of different makeup brushes, unless you are makeup artist. You actually need only eight brushes. In this article you will be able to find out more information about the eight makeup brushes that every woman needs.

  1. A flat highlighter brush.

If you really like strobing (and almost every woman does), then you already know how important is to have astonishing makeup brush for highlighting. Medium-sized, rather flat and firmly bristled are the best for highlighting. You should use the wide side to press shimmer onto your skin, and use the edge to blend it well. Makeup brushes which are too fluffy are often difficult to control. They dust the highlight all over so you may end up having a face full of sparkle. Makeup professionals recommend Make Up For Ever’s 142 Flat Highlighter Brush. It is the best highlighter brush we have ever used and the slightly rounded edge is amazing for blending.


  1. A tapered eyeshadow brush.

Blending is very important beauty job. Astonishing blending is all that you need to take your look from simple to elegant. When it comes to blending eyeshadow, using a dedicated blending brush is very important. The ideal blending brush is thin, flexible and long, with tapered tip and loosely-packed bristles. This will provide that it blends your eyeshadow formula, rather than smearing it around. Makeup professionals recommend Sephora PRO Tapered Crease Brush #19. It is an amazing brush and it looks like a paintbrush. It provides an incredible blending from crease to corner, which you will feel like a pure professional.

This brush is ideal for adding contour to your cheekbones because it has a little, lightweight „footprint“. You should brush a matte bronzer or light brown shaping powder under your cheekbones and blend well.


  1. A flat concealer brush.

Although you don’t need this brush for all types of concealer because some of our favorites blend more effectively when applied using a finger, a top-quality concealer brush is certainly very effective when you want to apply makeup products precisely to small areas. You can pick up and blend even thick formulas thoroughly by using a flat concealer brush, such as Clinique Clinique Brush – Concealer. It has slightly pointed tip that can help you to get very gentle with your application, which is great.

You can also apply shimmery eye makeup by using the flat side of concealer brushes. The firm bristles really help you pack it on, providing a super-shiny finish. It is very important to clean it well after using because no woman wants shiny circles under her eyes.


  1. A medium-width eyeshadow brush.

To apply eyeshadow to your eyebrow bone and lids you should use a brush which is a bit larger and capable of both building a heavier line and brushing on a light wash of color too. Try to find a brush that has a flat edge and fluffy but dense bristles. It should be the width of the fingernail on your middle finger or about 1/3 the width of your lid. Makeup professionals recommend MAC 213 Fluff Brush. It is all-around makeup brush and it is incredible at applying shadow dry and wet. It also blends beautifully.

You can turn your highlight up to eleven by pressing the flat side of this brush into a light eyeshadow and then brushing it along the top of your cheekbone. It packs the shimmer from the shadow along your skin because the bristles of this brush are very dense.


  1. A fluffy face powder brush.

Some women adore sponges, but we are here to explain you that you should use brushes when applying face powder. Allowing you to add just the lightest dusting of powder to set and finish your makeup, fluffy brush makes you to use a light hand (and preventing you to apply on so much makeup, so you don’t look like a powdered doughnut). You should try to find a brush that has a slightly „domed“ shape and many very soft bristles. Makeup professionals recommend Sephora’s Pro Airbrush #55. We love to use it to apply our translucent powder after the foundation and the concealer.

If you want to add some shimmery color to your décolletage you should lightly dab a brush in a shimmery bronzer and dust across your breasts. Again, it is very important to clean this brush well afterwards.


  1. An angled brush with firm bristles for eyebrows

Today, having beautiful brows is more important than ever. And whether you are drawing in entirely new eyebrows or you are only filling in some sparse spots, an incredible angled brush is very important beauty tool. Try to find a brush which has really narrow edge and very firm bristles. The finer the actual angled part of your brush is, the more natural-looking you can keep your eyebrows and the more delicate you can keep your lines. Makeup professionals recommend Make Up For Ever’s 274 Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush. This brush meets all of these standards – it’s the ideal brush to use with powders, pomades, waxes or gels. Also, the spoolie brush on the other side allows for extra impeccable blending.

These brushes are incredible for liner. You should tap the end of your brush liquid or gel eyeliner, brush off the excess on the back of your hand and then press along an eyelash line.


  1. A loosely-bristled blush brush.

The ideal blush brush is the difference between Bozo the Clown and flawlessly rosy cheeks (you will agree that no woman wants to be Bozo the Clown). The ideal blush brush is lightly domed, about the same width as the apple of your cheeks, with loosely-packed bristles (this means that it isn’t very dense because many bristles will stamp color on your cheeks and that is the last thing that you want). Makeup professionals recommend Estee Lauder’s Blush Brush 15. This brush applies the perfect amount of product to your cheek and blends well.


  1. A little eyeshadow brush.

You will need a small brush to apply eyeshadow to little areas – like around your tear ducts, beneath the arch of your eyebrows, at the internal corner of your eyes. The ideal little shadow brush is slightly firm, it has a rounded tip (never rectangular or flat) and soft, dense bristles. Makeup professionals recommend MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush. It is amazing. It is large enough to be useful but little enough to get into all the delicate spaces. It will help you to perfectly apply and blend cream, liquid formulas and powder.