An Inquiry – Is It Smart to Wash Only Parts of Your Hair?

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off
An Inquiry – Is It Smart to Wash Only Parts of Your Hair?

This is either the silliest or the smartest idea.

Women who have fringe which are innately prone to grease are probably familiar to this idea. Giving them a fast cleanse yields cool, feathery bangs without having to wash your whole head on a daily basis. But, it appears that even women who don’t have fringe are delighted to the idea of compartmentalizing the procedure of washing their hair.washing-hair

So many women today are wondering whether this is the silliest or the smartest idea.

Matt Fugate, hairstylist at Kérastase Paris, gave his opinion about this method. And sadly for all women who adore this technique, there are many disadvantages to washing only parts of your hair.


You hair won’t be completely cleansed.

He explained that you are probably not getting all the shampoo out when you wash only parts of your hair and not the whole head. He also explained that this will definitely cause more build-up of the product and it can result in a greasy look.  You should use a hair scrub, such as Kérastase Gommage Chronologiste if you have this type of build-up. It will help you to exfoliate and eliminate sebum and excess product. It’s actually a facial for your scalp.


Your natural oils won’t be equally spread.

He explained that your hair will lose shine and glow if you do this. He also explained that by stripping your scalp your hair may end up overproducing oil.


You are harming the most susceptible parts of your hair.

He explained that you will compromise the elasticity of your hair and create breakage by overworking the most vulnerable parts of your hair.


You will end up with uneven texture.

He explained that your texture will be uneven from the roots compared to the ends and this will be looking like you have two different hairstyles. To be precise, you might have Making-a-Murderer-hairstyle-Tumblr-worthy moment on your hands.


Fugate explained that if you want to wash only parts of your hair, you should only do so if necessary and with a salon-shampoo-bowl style nozzle head which would allow precise application of water. He also explained that it is important to evenly rinse product out.

What’s the moral of this article?

You shouldn’t use this method unless you have fringes that are in terrible need of a refresh. As the traps of overusing dry shampoo have shown us, it is impossible to hack healthy hair.