Apply Mascara First and Some Other Makeup Tips Which Are Really Useful

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

There is no wrong way to apply makeup, but every makeup professional has her or his own technique for creating the ultimate effect. You can ask five professional whether they apply foundation or concealer first and you will probably get five different answers. But one very important and famous makeup professional vows by switching up the order of applying of almost every makeup product which you apply on your face and when you first heard his tricks, you will probably be amazed. His name is Napoleon Perdis and he is makeup professional from Australia. You will be amazed by his top makeup tricks.apply-mascara-first


  1. Line your eyes beginning at the external corner.

He explained that you should line the external corner of the lower eyelash line first and extend a bit beyond the corner of your eye if you want to create the perfect angle for your liner. He says that after that you should come back in toward the upper eyelash line. He also explains that you can increase the natural shape of your eyes by using this technique as your guide.


  1. Fill in your eyebrows from the outside in.

He says that when filling in the eyebrows, he suggests filling them from the outside in to make the most natural shape. Eyebrows need more definition on the ends so by using this technique you are applying stronger color where it is needed. For a natural finish you should brush your eyebrows back into place when you are finished working your way in.


  1. Apply your mascara first.

Many women have been strong believers in applying mascara first (and last). You should apply a layer of mascara after you have primed your skin to create that important definition, open your eyes and map the rest of your makeup look. After you are done with your eye makeup you should apply a second layer of mascara. You should do one final assessment when you are totally done to see whether you need one more layer for finishing touch.


  1. Apply concealer before foundation.

You should apply concealer to camouflage any areas of discoloration (around your nose, under your eyes, and any blemishes) before applying your base. To get the most natural look you should apply foundation only where it is really needed and blend it out to nothing.


  1. Line your lips after applying lipstick.

He says that he always recommends lining your lips to help perfect the shape of the lips and maintain the color. The best thing is that, by doing this, you will be able to create a harsh, unnatural line.