Concealers: necessary or not?

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

I suppose this was inevitable after I saw the incredible effect of this miracle worker, I just had to write about it. You know the thing when you’re standing in front of your full closet saying ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ face…well this is something similar. It’s not that I need a new concealer but there’s that little voice saying I might try something new. Now I’m not ashamed to confess I listened to it. Yeap!

The first thing I’m going to say is why I love Laneige Cushion Concealer is its technology. This cushion concealer is now concentrated in a streak-free coverage and it has that awesome SPF 30. I’m also glad that they have that awesome color range, from fair to deep. I tried it and I have to admit that they were right when they said it would look natural, it will remain during the day and it will smooth imperfections.

The price is also affordable and good bargain when it comes to quality. You get the good amount of product for the price.

Laneige cushion concealer comes in a modern, easy to carry packaging.  It’s easy to apply, just click the end of the concealer until product is visible on cushion tip than you apply it over dark spots and skin imperfections. The brand says it is the modern, convenient way to flawless skin and I couldn’t agree more. It’s creamy and matte at the same time which means you can apply it like a cream.

When I compare it to some of my other concealers this one feels powdery and it is very lightweight and smooth. When I tried it for the first time it impressed me. I love a great number of concealers and they are all very pigmented but they get the job done. But my opinion is that getting the job right and getting it done is not nearly the same.

Laneige cushion concealer does something that others cannot do. It doesn’t look flat, it doesn’t sink into a fine lines. I can safely say that you can wear this concealer on its own, and that is , of course, if it matches your skin tone.

When it comes to color selection I have to admit that it wasn’t difficult to find my color match. This rose porcelain color has that pinkish shade but it doesn’t work for me. The ivory shade and cool beige and sand are more yellowish. So far I’m satisfied with this cool beige while the sand is little too dark for me. It covers red spots really good.  I ‘m always looking for that yellow based color because for me, it looks natural. I believe that finding the right shade of a concealer as well as foundation is 80 percent of successful make up. I have light complexion so I’m not really happy with those pinkish tones. When purchasing a concealer or foundation you should always try it in a store and then step outside of the building and check how it matches you under a natural light. It is important because colors have different shades under artificial lights and natural day light. There is that test when you try it on your hand but bear in mind that your hand is darker than your face.

What’s also good about  Laneige Cushion Concealer is that it has that little sponge on the tip and it’s super easy to apply it. It won’t go dry and it is way more hygienic way to use a concealer. You know that annoying feeling when you can’t see how much product is even left there; well you won’t get it when using this baby. It has a little window on it so you can check and run for another dose before you run out of it.

It looks wonderful on your skin and it has full coverage. You can use make up blender to achieve better results. From my experience, it lasts 6-7 hours before fading.

I will give you several tips about using this concealer so you wouldn’t make the same mistakes. Don’t try to use it as a highlighter (meaning: don’t apply it all over your face) because it won’t work, especially if you have oily skin. It kind of melts, so you can end up looking as a cake. To conclude, apply it only on your troubling spots. What is really important is that quantity is not over quality. Don’t pile it up thinking you will get better results. I tried it and you won’t. If you put just a little bit to cover your troubling spots it will work and you won’t look like a cake. You have to bear mind that your skin oxidates and that there are changes happening on it throughout the day.


Here is the great news for those of you who are fighting acne. This LANEIGE concealer really works. Just do not apply it with your fingers, it doesn’t really work that good. You should dot the concealer on your red spot or acne and puff it out with your cushion air puff and blend it out.


What you have to know about this product is that it is matte so you don’t have to be afraid if your under eye tends to get oily during the day. Just put the right amount of it and it will look natural. My skin is mixed so I have oily and dry parts too. I well know that I have to exfoliate before putting my concealer. So if you have that oily under eye you will like that peachier shades because they will work as correctors. Those of you who like creamy bronzers and that bronzed look you can use darker shades but only if you have oily or combination skin. All of you beautiful ones with dry skin use this concealer for covering discoloration, redness, spots and such.



I think that this concealer works for all types of skin whether it is oily, dry or combination of both. Advice for those of you with oily skin: exfoliate before concealing! Since there are several colors my advice is to take a good look at the perfect color for you. Next thing that is great about this concealer is that you can put it in your pocket if you want. It looks like a pen and is really easy to carry. This package can last you a long time but remember, less is more.