Eyeshadow palettes – drugstores or best-selling brand-name stuff??

November 20, 2023 By Thea Off
Eyeshadow palettes – drugstores or best-selling brand-name stuff??

According to some researches cosmetic industry earns about 59 billion dollars per year. What?! I could easily believe this according to my monthly expenses on beauty products. Just look around you, temptation is everywhere.

All those brands and choices, there is no problem spending all my money on them. If you look around you can find exclusive brands for high price and those drugstore offerings that are more affordable. We are forced to watch all those commercials on TV every day but do we really need them? What are we paying for when it comes to designer make up? Mostly we pay brand name. We can often hear that quality make up, designer make up, has that special fragrance or doesn’t have it at all. At least that is what commercials want us to believe. I don’t know if I’d agree on that. The eyeshadow palette that I use and adore has extraordinary fragrance and applies perfectly. I love it because the price is affordable and the quality is extraordinary. The best thing about it is that you have it all in one place. If you want just light, natural look there are colors perfect for it, if you want to go out and have a crazy time, you can use that dark look. My personal favorite is Zodiac – 25 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette.

The price is awesome for the number of colors and quality they offer. Mostly I like to play with colors when it comes to eyeshadows. The way I put my make up on reflects my mood. I like to wear contrast colors a lot. So sometimes a just put orange and green when I’m in the mood and if I’m not than I just put some nude colors on. The zodiac-palette offers all that. I don’t have to have a bag full of eyeshadows. BUT, (yes, there is always a BUT) most of us has a huge, embarrassing number of eyeshadows cluttering our makeup bags. I know, I know, ‘ I really don’t know where did this come from, honestly ‘. Let’s skip that and find a proper way how to use it the best way possible. I found it with my zodiacpalette but what with those of you who have a bag of eyeshadows?!  I´ve got an idea. De-potting. Oh yeah. You heard it well. You can actually de-pot your eyeshadows and make yourself a brand new palette. It is a creative way to organize your favorite eyeshadow singles into one. It is a great way to make a combination of your favorite colors and put them in one place.

I know you want to try it right now but just wait a minute. It is not actually the easiest job in the world. You have that glue under but lucky for you, we figured it out. You can just use the heat to remove the glue under the pan with hair straightener or you can boil some water and take your eyeshadow above the steam.

I often read about designer make up and their applicators, that they offer better application devices such as eye shadows, foundation sponges and mascara and powder applicators. Well I compared it to some of my  BH Cosmeticsand they are different I must admit but not quality different, just the texture and size. I even found some of my bhcosmetics more suitable for my face.

We can all agree on one thing. There is something outworldly and mesmerizing about gorgeously blended eyeshadow. Sometimes you just can’t stop staring when you see a girl’s eyes looking almost velvet soft like the eyeshadow on it was softly blown over each eyelid. If you ever tried to apply eyeshadow you must know it is not the easiest job in the world especially when your eyehadows ends looking up as arts-and-crafts project. That’s why I warmly recommend these bhcosmeticsapplicators because you can’t go wrong with it.

Next thing we think we pay for when we buy designer cosmetics are ingredients. Take some time and compare it. You will see that the vast majority of designer make up has the same ingredients as its drugstore equivalent. As I say, it’s up to you to decide whether the extra cost justifies the benefits you get.

You should know that not everyone is the same. Some of you just love buying stuff with signature and we shouldn’t blame them. Me, well, I love to buy good, quality make up that is good for my skin but I will always choose something I can afford to something that only has the name on it. I don’t like to think that make up buys me instead of vice versa. So if you choose quality and care for your skin don’t be afraid to choose BH Cosmetics

Expensive make up – buy or not to buy

You may justify that extra cost for the designer make up but it is not always the same.

Ok, we cannot just talk about eyeshadows, they are important, but let’s look at blushes. Blush can last up to about a year on a shelf. You can see that most blushes which are powder based have the same ingredients so it wouldn’t be clever of you to spend too much on it just for the brand’s sake. I have to admit that pigment is not as strong in drugstore brand as it is in designer brands but you must know that blush is buildable, which means you can layer it to get to the right color Contour & Blush Palette

What about mascara? Well it has similar ingredients from brand to brand. It is important to pick the right one since it depends on brush type as well as pigment. You know that there are a lot of different types of mascara so it is really important to find the one that gives you what you need whether it is thicker lashes or helping to define those small ones. I asked some of my friends to give me some perspective and the friend who uses designer mascara said that it gives her better results in volumizing while the one who uses mascara from the drugstore said it works well for lengthening because it has thinner brushers. So it’s up to you. What do you need?

BH Bliss Lash – Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

We’ve talked about everyday make up that we can’t go without so here’s another one – Lipstick. We all know that good lipstick is all about good pigmentation and good wear as long possible. I like my lipstick with lot of moisturizing ingredients and I also like some colors that I can find easily, if I do they’re dry. That’s why I combined all I need in one.

It has shear butter in it just as many designer lipsticks do and amazing color specter.

There is another important product that we have to pay attention on, foundation and concealer. Whether you buy it in the drugstore or buy a brand-name one, it is very important to get the right color.  Some of us are interested in full coverage while some need color correction. Either way, you don’t go crazy with it. Sometimes you will need to try several products to find the right one and you should always ask for samples so you can try the product in natural light. I tried the brand-name ones, way too much money for something that is not ‘out of this world’, if you know what I mean. I also tried those from drugstores but I finally find my match in BH Cosmetics

It’s creamy, it has that perfect natural color, it doesn’t give you that ‘mask’ effect and it’s perfectly affordable.