It’s Very Hot Out and We Have to Reduce Heat Styling Time for Hair

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off
It’s Very Hot Out and We Have to Reduce Heat Styling Time for Hair

It is summer now and it is normal to be doubting of using tools for heat styling. But between family gatherings, marriage ceremonies and romantic dinners at the restaurants, hairstyles without heat simply won’t cut it. Josue Perez, a professional hairstylist, gave us few simple tips to reduce heat styling time this summer.dryer

Get rid of some moisture before using tools for heat styling

I know that this is quite obvious, but you will need less time to use the hair dryer if you first dry your hair using a cotton towel or T-shirt and then start styling it. You should squeeze your hair dry using your hands when you get out of the shower and then use a cotton towel or T-shirt to remove some moisture. Using cotton to squeeze hair dry in sections (from the top to the ends of your hair) will help you to get rid of frizzing and static and this is another way to omit using a straightening iron. Also, you should use Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush to brush your hair. The built-in sponge and microfiber bristles soak moisture out of your hair.

Use the suitable blow dryer

Perez said that you should use an ionic blow dryer because it can reduce drying time in half. This kind of blow dryers break down molecules of water, allowing them to vaporize more easily and, in effect, reducing styling time. Rowenta Pro Dryer is Perez’s favourite hair dryer. It has a built-in ionic generator which emits pure negative ions, providing shiny and smooth hair which is without frizz. Another advantage – the auto-sensor technology automatically switches the dryer off when it is set down.

Begin with a leave-in conditioner

You should apply a hair serum or a leave –in conditioner while your hair is still wet. Perez explained that this should help you to nourish and coat your hair (this is particularly significant before blow drying and then ironing). These formulas will also help you with shine and tame flyaways after styling. You should use a balm which straightens and smoothes your hair. Perez recommended Bumble and Bumble straight blow dry. This balm will loosen your hair’s natural curves and produce a smooth cuticle. By doing this, you will be able to protect your hair against heat from the blow dryer and completely eliminate the need for a straightener.