The Most Flattering Makeup for Your Eye Shape

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off
The Most Flattering Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Makeup can totally change your eye shape and make it gorgeous, but if you are not careful it may cause some problems. You can make your eyes look more lifted and  bigger if you use the right methods, but if you don’t use the best makeup for your eye shape you can close off your eyes in an unflattering way. Naturally, I can’t tell you one-size-fits-all tip to playing up the gaze. Instead, the technique you use should make the most of your eye shape. We visited Cynthia Rives, Senior Artist at MAC Cosmetics and asked her to show us tricks on the best makeup for very eye shape.eye-shape

There are a few quick tips, before we start. Rivas says that false eyelashes are a simple and fast way to change your look of the eye shape without using makeup. She explained that if you can’t decide what eye shape you have you should know that a smokey eye complements most eye shapes so you should smoke your eyes out when you can’t figure out.

  1. Monolid Eye Shape

A smokey eye is perfect for this shape of eye. You should use eye kohl, such as Teddy Eye Kohl to line the entire eye. Also you should blend it out using a pencil brush, such as MAC’s 219 Brush. You should use a shimmery shadow to highlight the center of your eye to make your eyes pop even more.

  1. Deep Set Eye Shape

You should pay attention to the bottom eyelash line by applying rich colors, such as MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadows in bronze, contrast and sketch. You should also apply mascara.

  1. Wide Set Eye Shape

You should use a neutral matte tone to contour the whole crease/brow bone area. Also, you should brush the internal corner eyelashes towards your nose when applying mascara. This complements a false eyelash which is longer in the center, MAC Cosmetics 33 Lash.

  1. Upturned Eye Shape

Upturned eye shape can wear a lot of various looks. Playing up the eyelashes using liner and colored mascaras is our favourite technique for this eye shape.

  1. Close Set Eye Shape

You should apply most of your matte shades and deeper color on the external corners of your eyes. Use a shadow which has a shine to highlight your tear ducts. This look is the ideal complement to a corner false eyelash or a cat eye.

  1. Downturned Eye Shape

You should apply shadow to your lids and blend the external corner upward. You should comb your external eyelashes up towards your temple when applying mascara. Use a set of false eyelashes which lift the eye to finish.

  1. Hooded Eyelids

A soft smokey eye is ideal for this eye shape. You should stick to eye shadows which are matter and apply products such as MAC Cosmetics Paint Pots as a base to hold shadow in place and inhibit fading.