The Simplest Way to Make Your Fine Lines and Pores Appear Smaller

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off
The Simplest Way to Make Your Fine Lines and Pores Appear Smaller

When we talk about flawless skin, even the biggest foundation lover knows that accomplishing an even skin tone is only half a job. Women who want to get a silky smooth, impeccable complexion, without wrinkles, increased pores, rough patches and fine lines, should know that slathering on a tinted moisturizer isn’t enough and that they have to do a bit more work. We all know that exfoliation is a nice solution on the long run, but any woman who is unintentionally scrubbed with heavy hand knows that doing that in excess can cause even bigger problems.pores

Although using an Instagram filter or seeing the facialist may be helpful, erasing fine lines and reducing pores could be as simple as adding a new product to your makeup bag. This is the courageous new world of blurring products and you are welcomed to join us.

Dr. Murad, a famous dermatologist, explained that blurring products are so favored because they are so adaptable and you can use them both instead of and underneath your makeup. He also explained that these products are normally used to smooth out the surface of your skin, even out fine lines, increased pores, and any other textural flaws and create a demi-matte finish to the complexion. „This is the reason why these products are perfect as instant skin perfectors or as makeup primers,“ says Dr. Murad.

These products normally come in the form of skin care-focused products or moisturizers which you slather on before foundation. In fact, they provide a nicer, more even skin surface and make applying makeup much simpler.

Dr. Murad said that no formula is the same and most blur products are used to enable a much smoother makeup application. He explained that blurring products are used to smooth out the surface of the skin and hide flaws. They are also silicone-based that adheres to your makeup and makes a bond between the foundation and your skin.

Although most makeup products are temporary, and they are not able to provide a smoother texture on the long run, there are certain makeup products that have anti-aging ingredients built right into them. Dr. Murad says that his Invisiblur Perfecting Shield has an SPF of 30 and that is certainly the simplest way to evade premature aging triggered by sun – AKA the fine lines which you will try to cover up in the end. Are you interested? Here are some products that you can use to eliminate this problem.

  1. Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30

As we pointed out earlier, this formula is a SPF/primer combo which smoothes over your skin   and it helps to apply color cosmetics much simpler. But this doesn’t mean that you can eliminate    hydration out of your makeup routine, because this product can’t substitute your moisturizer.

This product is just a temporary fix and if you want that your skin look as naturally smooth as possible, you should certainly still do exfoliation and healthy cleansing. You should consider this product as a boost to an impeccable complexion.

  1. Algenist Sublime Defense Anti-Aging Blurring Moisturizer

This formula from Algenist provides an instant blur while moisturizing. The extra light, whipped formula contains extremophile complea and alguronic acid and it creates a „veil“ of perfection. This product also contains an SPF 30.

  1. Instant Miracle Worker Line-Erasing Blur Stick

This formula from Philosphy is probably the simplest way to camouflage your fine lines and pores. You should use this stick to gently swipe over the problem are and you will see a blurred result. This product can be used over your makeup or as a primer.