Three Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Beautiful in Photos

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off
Three Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Beautiful in Photos

In summer there are many big events, such as reunions, prom nights, weddings and many people also go on summer holiday. Everybody wants to have photos from these events and from holidays and we will want to look gorgeous. Most people, especially women want to publish their photos on Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook and they are under the pressure to look the best. The latest study by Joico, a hair care line, showed that about 70 % of women said that they had a „hair fail“ which has ruined a picture. If you don’t want to be one of them, you should read these tricks from Babak, an international fashion photographer, and Damien Carney, a celebrity hairstylist, on how to make your hair look beautiful in photos.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

You should go a bit messy

Carney suggested that you should lossen your hair a little. He said that when you think that your hair is styled excellently, you should loosen things up by tossing your coif around. „This last-minute „styling“ provides just the right amount of natural movement.“, says Carney.

Babak explained that a hair style which is too done will look severe on the photos.

You should get rid of flyaways

Carney suggests using a serum, such as Joico K-Pak Protect & Shine Serum. You should rub it between your hands and apply it gently onto the crown of your hair.

„When you look in the mirror and you think that your hair looks good and in place, and then the lights hit your hair and then, surprisingly, you start to notice the flyaways and frizzies you didn’t know you had, “explains Babak. We have seen that even famous women with beautiful hair, like Jennifer Aniston, have this problem from time to time.

You shouldn’t apply too much volumizing products

Carney recommended that you should use volumizing shampoos, like Living Proof Full Shampoo, because they will create all-over body instead of creating body using root lifting sprays which will make your ends looking flat. He recommended giving fine hair a dense, almost compact look and that you should choose a hair style which is smoother and flatter or a stylish updo.

Babak suggested that you should use volumizing products and some strategic teasing to amp things up if your locks are on the skimpy side. But he warned that this can work nicely in the real life but that you can’t trick the camera because light shine through the spaces which teasing made and it will make your hair looks thinner.