Tips for Naturally Wavy Hair

November 20, 2023 By Thea Off
Tips for Naturally Wavy Hair

Women who have straight hair and curly hair long for wavy hair. But women who were born with natural waves say that wavy hair can be more like a problem rather than a blessing. It takes middle ground – not as wash-and-go as straight hair, without the bounce of natural tresses. And although it may take some additional (sometimes boring) work, if you know how to style waves they can look beautiful and brilliant. According to Gary Howse, a man who founded and owns Gary Manuel Salons the key to making your wavy hair look beautiful is to choose a texture and stick to it. „If you want to have straight hair, go straight and truly brilliant and make this the centre. Or, “he recommends, „choose curly hair and find out how to highlight the curl. “ wavy-hair

Tips for highlighting your texture

Use mousse to scrunch your hair 2016 foam formula will make your hair gorgeous and touchable, not crispy. I simply adore Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Foam Mousse, that increases waves with flexible polymers which make gentle, defined hair texture.

Rougher wavy hair may need a more heavy-duty and more powerful hold product. In this case you should use Ouidad Curl Recovery Curl Defining Styling Soufflé. This product is made to define and moisturize damaged or impaired textured hair, particularly those which are transitioning or natural.

Learn about the anti-gravity blow-dry

Wavy hair may get pulled down and there are some additional elements which contribute to the impeccable blow-dry. „If you want to have curly hair, you must think about how to dry your hair that it is not being pulled on? “says Howse. This means that you should slope your head down while you dry your hair, or lean your head to one side as you use a diffuser to dry your hair. Naturally, a diffuser is the most important thing. A diffuser is attached on the nozzle of hair dryer to expand airflow coverage over a bigger area, providing softer blow-dry which minimizes frizz and highlights natural texture. Everybody should have this.

If you want straight hair..

Use products to prepare your hair

Wavy hair needs both support to maintain a blowout from becoming flat and moisture to eliminate fizz. You should use Living Proof Healthy Hair 5 in 1 Styling Treatment because this 5-in-1 styling product provides both. You should incorporate the lightweight cream to the company’s two patented molecules: PBAE that gives fullness without crispy texture and OFPMA that flattens the cuticle and provides shine without silicones.

Use a brush to blow-dry your hair

If you want to achieve the perfect smooth, shiny blowout you should use a round brush to pull your hair tight while you place the dryer toward the ends of your hair. Howse says: „You are not doing it correctly if you can’t feel the tension pulling.“

Master the flat iron technique

„If you are not very cautious about using a flat iron you may end up with a style you didn’t want.” says Howse. You probably don’t want to end up with stick straight hair and you want smooth hair texture which still has movement at the ends. Howse recommends: “Think circles – You should not pull it down as much as you should pull it out and around, so you are really using the flat iron to put a bit of curve in it to make it look modern.”

It doesn’t matter which hair texture you want…

You mustn’t air dry your hair. Howse says: “You have to dry your hair completely. If you have curly hair, sometimes getting it 75% dry is excellent, because if you dry it completely it becomes fuzzy. But if you have wavy hair, then the extra water can make more problems than good things. “If you want to have straight hair, it will easily get fuzzy on you as it begins to air dry.”

You should brush gently. Wavy hair is more fragile than straight hair, and if you brush your hair too often and for too long, it may become frizzy and breakable. You should use Goody Tanglefix Gentle Detangling Brush because it is the perfect brush. Its flexible bristles are made of plastic and that make it extra gentle on your waves.