Tips from the Professionals on How to Braid Your Own Hair

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off

We admit that we are not able to properly braid our hair although we have watched many video tutorials. So we finally asked the professionals to help us with some of our most pressing issues about how to properly braid our hair. Here are their advices to make braiding much simpler.braids

Advices for braiding layered hair

Olivia Halpin, director of DreamDry, said that you should use a light hairspray, such as Oribe Hairspray to spray your hair. Using hairspray will help you to prevent the layered parts from falling out and will hold them in place.

Patrick Melville, founder of Patrick Melville Salon explained that we should wash our hair when it is damp or wet because this will help you to catch all the loose ends and make a beautiful braid. Also, if you want to keep the layers in place and make a beautiful and natural finish you should use an effective texturizing product, such as Schwarzkopf OSiS+Flexwax.

Donna Tripodi, director of Eva Scrivo Salon, recommended that you should wash your hair day before you braid it. By doing this, your hair will be more manageable and easier to braid. You should use Black 15and1 Hair Treatment to spray your hair. This product will help you to calm the frizzy hair down and get a smoother braid. You should spray until your hair becomes slightly wet and then you can start to braid it. If you want to ensure the layering holds inside the braid you should use a tighter braiding technique.

Tips to make braiding your own hair simpler

Donna Tripodi said that you should practice a lot and have to be patient. It will take time to learn to move your fingers precisely, particularly if you don’t have appropriate skill. You should spend a lot of time in front of mirror to become more comfortable. In the beginning, you should do three-strand braids and when you begin feeling more comfortable, you can incorporate more hair into the strands to make a type of French braid. And once you become confident you will see that sky is the limit. And remember that you can always start again with a three strand braid if you get lost in a technique.

Patrick Melville suggested making two pigtails or one braid that you can pull back and fasten together.

Olivia Halpin said that you can practice making braids by watching videos. Making a braid straight down your back is more difficult than making braids which are off to the side, like a side fishtail braid.

Tips to do a braid that will last for more than 24 hours

Olivia Halpin suggested keeping your braid tight for 24 hours and after you sleep on it, it will have that messy, loose look for two days. Also, if you want to keep your hair from falling out of a style or frizzing you should sleep on a silk pillow.

Patrick Melville said that you should keep your braid clean the first day and the second day you can be imaginative and do a more broken up, disheveled braid.

Donna Tripodi said recommended a tighter technique, like a „halo“ or „fishtail“ braid because your braid will last longer when it is tighter.

What type of braid would you recommend for this summer into autumn?

Olivia Halpin recommended the fishtail headband braid and also the crown braid.

Donna Tripodi recommended 2 to 3 strand halo braids (braids which wrap around your head) and if you want a braid that will last long you should choose these two types. You should wear the braid for couple of days and then drop your hair down to get mermaid waves. Patrick Melville recommended the Game of Thrones look for this season. It gives mystical and ethereal look.