Tips to Camouflage Thinning Hair

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off

The problem of woman’s thinning hair is finally attracting the attention it deserves with the introduction of anti-aging hair products. It doesn’t matter if your hair thins as you experience thinning your twenties (called alopecia, the problem is caused by genetics and even poor nutrition habits) or as you are getting older, there are some dyeing techniques, simple cuts and styling tips which can camouflage thin hair. We talked to Diane Stevens, professional stylist for Nixon (company famous for healing hair thinning), and she gave us some advices on how to disguise thinning hair.thinning-hair

Create volume with your cut

You can create volume, lift and motion by adding layers throughout your hair. Stevens advises a side swoop bangs with soft layers, such as Jennifer Lawrence‘s or a strong bang with soft layers, such as Michelle Obama’s. Stevens explained that these hair styles will make your hair look less brittle and will give your cut a much thicker look.

Create ombre hair

You can create the visual effect of denser hair at the tips by starting with a darker base and gently getting lighter towards the ends. You can make a subtle color change if you go 1 or 2 shades lighter at the base.

Style your hair right You should use Nioxin DiaMax because it will give you instant volume. Steven said that this is a leave-in scalp formula which in fact boosts the diameter of each hair strand. She advises using pin curl or hot rollers to set your hair to create long-lasting shape. She explained that you could get the wanted result if you slowly layer in styling product and add as needed. She also recommends that you shouldn’t over-dry your hair because your hair will fall flat and lose its manageability.

Use multidimensional color

You should use multidimensional color if you want to create motion and the illusion of fullness. Steven recommended that you should ask your hair stylist to use different shades and levels to create a soft, multidimensional appearance. She sad that she usually uses three different products to achieve this. She uses one shade which is her client’s natural base color, one which is slightly darker and third which is slightly lighter. This will help you to create a look which incorporates a play of light and dark shades. But she recommended that you shouldn’t make many highlights because they may draw attention to thinning hair at the roots.