Tips to Care for Your Red Hair

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off

Today, many famous women have chosen red hair and who can blame them. The red color is bold ant it looks great on everybody. The key is finding the right shade for your skin tone. (// But, professional say that most women who have red hair have two problems – the maintenance and commitment which comes with it. Ammon Carver, Matrix Artistic Director and celebrity stylist, gave few tips to make the transition

Tips to make your red color last longer

Ammon said that if you want your red color last longer you should wash your hair with cool water, you shouldn’t wash it every day and you should always use a color safe conditioner and shampoo. This is crucial if you have red hair, because the key to rocking the color is keeping it vibrant.

You can add moisture and shine by scheduling a glaze or even doing one by yourself once a week, like Oscar Blandi At-Home Salon Glaze. You can also use a color protecting shampoo, such as Aquage Color Protecting Shampoo to keep color from fading. This shampoo will protect your hair against sun damage and enhance the color.

Tips to care for your hair

To dye your hair any color can be very stressful, but red color demands even more attention and care. Carver explained that women who have dark hair might need to lighten their hair before they dye it and this might damage your hair. You should use hydrating, moisturizing and repairing products to minimize the damage. Carver recommends Matrix Total Results Color Care Miracle Treat 12 Lotion Spray because it contains antioxidant sunflower oil which protects the color, smoothes the cuticle and condition your hair.

Carver also explained that if you have light hair you will probably need so-called filler (a preliminary deposit of color on your hair which will make it possible to hold the final red color. She said that this kind of commitment needs constant touch-ups (You should touch up your copper strands every months to prevent fading). If you want to postpone your visit to salon you should use a root touch-up, such as Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen in Warm Reddish Brown. This fabulous pen enables you to paint in natural-looking color in no time.