Tips to Correctly Apply Eye Cream

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

Every woman knows that an eye cream is very important step in any skin care routine. Eye creams can help you lighten your dark circles, decrease puffiness and make your face look youngish and more awake. But you should be careful, because you might be causing more harm than good if you are applying your eye cream wrongly.seshaskin

We visited Victoria Piotrowski, licensed makeup artist and SESHA Skin Care educator, and asked her to give us her tips on how to correctly apply eye cream:

  1. Massage softly in circular motions.

If you really have to rub in your eye cream so that it will absorb, then you mustn’t pill on the skin and you should be really gentle.

  1. Apply it by using your ring finger.

Although you have probably heard it many times, it is very important to remember this. Your ring finger has the lightest touch, it is less likely to pull or tug at the delicate eye area.

  1. Stimulate circulation by tapping gently in the eye cream.

Piotrowski explains that you shouldn’t try to stretch or pull the delicate skin around your eye. She says that you should tap until you feel it absorbs. She also explains that when tapping your eye cream in, you should pay extra attention to problem areas.

  1. Apply little dots under your eye, above your eye up to the eyebrow area and around your eye.

Most women only moisturize the under-eye area, because that’s where the dark circles are. But if you want the best results then your whole eye area should be moisturized.