Tips to Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

Every makeup professional agrees that cat eyes are a classic beauty look, and we are so glad that it is coming back into fashion. Winged liner has been massive on the red carpet  lately, and it is shaping up to become an important look for Autumn. But if you are like a lot of women, the cat’s flick can appear to be unbelievably terrifying. The great news is that cat eye liner isn’t as horrible or complicated as it appears. It only requires some practice and some skills.photo3

You will all agree that we are the best when it comes to liquid eyeliners, so we assembled crucial tips on how to create perfect winged eyeliner. Read our tips and master how to create perfect cat eye look.

  1. Choose your eyeliner carefully!

Liquid! Gel! Straight Makeup brushes! Angled Makeup brushes! You can find so many different types of eyeliner on the market today, so how do you know which one suits you the best? While personal fondness plays a large role in this, we have assembled some very effective tricks which will make finding your ideal eyeliner much simpler.

Gel liner is probably the simplest to apply if you are a cat eye beginner, because this product is a bit softer and more forgiving of errors. You should use a separate angled brush to apply it, though, which may require a little of a learning curve.

Liquid liners often come in a little pot. It also has a thin brush, which is fixed to the lid. This brush can be extra flexible, which allows for very delicate. But, they can also be too flexible, which may cause mistakes.

My favourite type of liquid eyeliner comes in a pen and, instead of a brush, it has a marker-tip applicator. This makes it simple to use and control. You can use it in the same way you use an ordinary pen. We recommend LORAC Front of the Line PRO. It has a long, flexible marker-type tip which dispenses a beautiful dark black, unquestionably waterproof eyeliner. It’s ideal for newbies and also advanced cat eye practitioners.


  1. Wing shape matters.

Women usually think of a cat eye wing as a one-size-fits-all look, but that is not the case. The angular wings of cat eyes are as inimitable as the eyes which wear them, and while the shape you adore depends mainly on what you are fond of the most, there are recommendations that you should follow.

There are two common wing shapes: triangular-shaped and curvy and long. Triangular-shaped wings finish as the outer corner of your eye and then flick straight up, surpassing the crease. Curvy-shaped wings extend out, then curve softly up, missing the crease.


In this photo you can see an example of a triangular-shaped wing: photo1

And in this photo you can see an example of a curvy-shaped wing: photo2


Generally, triangular wings are great if you want to make your eyes appear larger and curvy-shaped wings extend the eyelash line and they are great for making your eyes appear longer. You should opt for the shape which makes you the most satisfied.


  1. Line 101.

We all know that not all cat eyes are made identical, but there are some common shape rules which you should be familiar about.

Cat eyes are not the same width all the way across. They start thin at the inner corner, close the tear duct, becoming thicker towards the outer corner, like in this photo:photo3

The way you play with the thickness of the line can make some great illusions. You should make the line above your eyelashes thin all the way across if you want to make your eyes look longer.  You should make that line thicker at the centre if you are looking to make your eyes appear wider.


  1. Ask for instructions.

Making your cat eyes even is an important – and terrifying – step in achieving this look. But it doesn’t have to be so frightening, because there is a very simple trick to get the perfect angle on both your eyes. Get a thin makeup brush and place it against the side of your nose so that it lines up with the external corner of your eye and the end of your brow. This will show you the angle you want to achieve with your cat eye.

If you are beginner, take a sharp pencil eyeliner and mark a guideline against your brush. Use liquid eyeliner to trace over it and you will create perfectly symmetrical cat eyes.


  1. You mustn’t pull.

It is a congenital instinct to want to pull your skin tight while you create the cat eye, but you mustn’t do that, because if you do, your cat eye will appear crooked when you let go. Instead, while you draw your lines, tilt your head back. Also, make sure to avoid any wonky surprises at the end.


  1. Correcting mistakes.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes. You should take a cotton swab and dip it an alcohol-based makeup remover, softly place it on top of the mistake and twist. You mustn’t wipe or rub. The liner will come away and then you have a small are to correct afterwards. And don’t panic, if you practice hard enough you will see that you make mistakes less frequently and, as time goes by, you will be able to create the perfect cat eye.


  1. Wear the cat eye with everything.

Winged liner is like a beautiful black dress – it can be worn with everything. You can wear it with red lipstick to get sexy night look, or add pink lipstick to get a work-appropriate look. You can channel your inner vamp by combining it with one of Autumn’s high-octane dark lipsticks. You can also get a gamine 60s-influenced look by adding clear, shiny lip-gloss and flushed cheeks. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: your wings will be sharp and your look will be absolutely perfect.