Tips to Create the Most Beautiful Bottom Eyelashes of Your Life

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

My opinion about bottom eyelashes is that they are kind of an afterthought until you see a woman who happens to have beautiful lower bangs. Then you begin paying the same attention to them as your upper eyelashes and it is where have you been until now?beautiful-bottom-eyelashes

The same thing occurred to me after I met Anna Karina doppelganger not long ago. Her bottom eyelashes struck the ideal balance between natural-looking and Twiggy-esque. I couldn’t stop gazing, and it was then that I decided to learn everything there is about bottom eyelashes. Here are 5 tips to help you make your lower eyelash line your new upper eyelash line:

  1. Apply mascara using a smaller eyelash wand.

You will be working with a more congested surface area, so using thinner, more tapered eyelash wand will make sweeping from tip to root, and getting these difficult-to reach eyelashes, simpler. A lot of brands have made mascaras only for this purpose.


  1. Apply mascara that is waterproof.

Michael Anthony‘s, celebrity makeup professional, opinion is that mascara that is waterproof is the only way to achieve your goal or else you are going to pay an expensive price by way of racoon eyes. He explained that bottom eyelashes can touch the concealer under your eyes, and the oil in the formula can break down your mascara, which can cause smudges or small spots under your eyes. You can also further protect the area by using loose powder to set it.

And for bulletproof, all-day wear he recommends these two products: L’Oreal Paris False Lash Architect 4D Waterproof and Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara.


  1. Use false eyelashes to amp things up.

False eyelashes can be trickier for bottom eyelashes, but there is a huge payout. Anthony explained that his method for bottom eyelashes depends on the circumstances. He said that he uses clusters without a band or individual eyelashes to create natural, fuller-looking bottom eyelashes.

But you should use a natural-looking lower eyelash set with clear bands if you would like to get full on J.Lo with it (you should try out different arrangements, lengths and amount of fullness). You should cut them in half and place them as near to the eyelash lines as you can, using tweezers. Anthony recommends to swipe on layer of waterproof mascara to lock them in.


  1. You should alter the way you apply your mascara.

Anthony says that eyelashes of different sizes and shapes entirely change the way your eye looks. So you shouldn’t go up and down with mascara when you are applying it. You should experiment with the “diagonal” technique: Spending more time at the corners and pulling the brush through at an angle. This technique will give you a more wide-eyed look, which may be flattering to the bottom eyelash line.


  1. You should try brown mascara.

You should make like Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John if you are not looking for a statement per se. He loves to apply brown-hued mascara on the bottom eyelashes because he thinks it is more flattering and softer up close.