Tips to Wear Dark Lipstick Like a Professional

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off
Tips to Wear Dark Lipstick Like a Professional

Autumn is getting closer and many women are starting to use dark lipstick. Wearing dark lipstick in autumn has become a lifestyle for many women so we can’t call it a trend anymore. It is more something like a pair of new shoes or a leather jacket – a seasonal staple. Dark lipstick wasn’t very fashionable before because it was considered gothic but with recent, wearable dark lipsticks taking center stage (see the spectacular burnt red shade from this runway show – picture  we are now ready to try it. Are you ready, too?dark-lipstick

To assist you wear the newest crop of bricks, berries, browns and plums hitting beauty counters now, we visited Jessie Powers, managing educator at Make Up For Ever and asked her for advice on how to wear dark lipstick and own it this autumn.

  1. Use a shade which matches your skin tone.

Just as with any makeup product, your skin tone decides the right shade of lipstick for you. Powers explained that dark can be more berry, more purple or more brick and you can cool it down or warm it up to suit you. You should opt for a shade which veers toward brown if your skin tone is warm. But, you should choose a blue-based, berry color if you think that you look more beautiful when wearing cool shades.

  1. Be aware of your limits.

Powers said that she women who have very thin lips shouldn’t use a dark lipstick because light colors are going to increase whereas dark colors are going to minimize. If you have really thin lips and you apply a dark lipstick, it will make them look thinner. It is well-known that lips normally lose their volume as we getting older so this can also make your face appear older. She recommended using dark lipstick if your lips are regular or naturally voluminous.

  1. Try a fashionable shade

The amazing things from the ’90s are coming back and Powers said that this autumn we will be witnessing some vamp throwback colors. She recommends  Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 48, a gorgeous black currant shade.

For the women who are really brave she recommends Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope in Entourage, a deep wine shade with an incredibly lightweight, intensively pigmented silky formula. We were also amazed with the beautiful gilded magnetic case.

Also, brick-red shade is an ideal complement to your autumn color palette. Powers recommends Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Dragon, a deep, orange based red which compliments warm skin tones.

  1. Keep your makeup balanced.

Powers explained that the key to wearing a dark lipstick is keeping the rest of your makeup in harmony with that shade. She explained that you should keep it quite minimal on the rest of your face.

You can harmonize your lipstick color with the rest of your makeup by applying a similar shade on your cheeks and eyelids. If you are using a plum-colored shade you should apply a purple eyeshadow to tie your look together. Another tip: You can create monochromatic flush by blending a dab of your lipstick color onto your cheeks.

  1. Are you still suspicious? You should try a muted take.

Powers explained that a berry stain is going to be a simpler way for you to test it because it still has some life and a bit brightness to it. She recommends a sheer shade, like Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It actually looks great on every woman. You can also make your own. For a sheer wash of color, apply a dark lipstick using your fingers and not straight from the lipstick case.

  1. Apply a lip liner.

Powers recommended that you should use lip liner with dark lipstick, because any saturated color will look crazy on you if it is not even around the edges. You should perfect your shape using a pencil. Also, the waxes in the pencil will help you to prevent color bleeding.