Top 4 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Are Wearing Glasses

November 21, 2023 By Thea Off

I have always considered those movie makeovers where the nerdy girl takes off her glasses and suddenly she is super hot to be very unconvincing. Glasses can look gorgeous, as celebrities such as Rashida Jones Nick Barose, the celebrity makeup professional responsible for Rashida’s look in this photo gave us few tricks when working with girls with glasses.girls-who-are-wearing-glasses

  1. You should lighten up your concealer.

Just as lenses accentuate your eyelashes, they also put the under eye area on display. Barose explained that you should keep your concealer from looking cakey under your eyes and that you should use sheer, light reflective pigment concealer. He recommends Votre Vu Love Me Deux Moisture Tint & Concealer.

  1. You should apply a soft shade to play up the eyes.

Barose explained that dark frames already add definition so smoky dark eyes or a heavier liner may look too much. You should opt for a medium-toned neutral. Barose said that he went with soft lined eyes with a bronze shade to provide just enough definition. He recommends Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Sable, a gorgeous not-too-bold color.

  1. You should beautify your look.

Because some thick frames may look masculine, Barose recommends adding a feminine girly look in contrast to dark frames with lip stains in melon or berries shades and pretty cheeks. He recommends  Jouer Tint in Orchid, a cranberry cream shade which can be applied on your both cheeks and lips.

  1. You should keep your eyelashes streamlined.

Barose explained that lenses can enlarge and highlight any clumps. He said that you should apply a lengthening formula instead of applying volumizing mascara, which can be considered as to heavy when highlighted by glasses. He also said that you should remember to comb and separate.