Watch One Girl Apply a Whole Face of Makeup Using Just Liquid Lipstick

November 23, 2023 By Thea Off

Yes, that is blush, foundation, mascara and eyeshadow.

What Pokémon Go is to mobile gaming, liquid lipsticks are to the Net. And to be precise, everything. Beauty tastemakers from Huda Kattan to Kylie Jenner have popularized the liquefied alternative and thus changed the lip color game. And vloggers are now applying it beyond the lips…as in for the whole face.liquid-lipstick

Shani Grimmond, 19-year old Australian beauty guru, is the most recent to make liquid lipstick a universal beautifier, facing the challenge in this video. (//

Grimmond explained that the rule is that you can only use liquid lipsticks and she said that she has only reds, pinks and oranges. She explained that she doesn’t know how this is going to work because she has two skin tone shades.

She begins by applying a nude-colored hue all over her face. After that, she sculpts her cheeks by swiping a pinky nude as a blush and highlights using even lighter, frostier pink Kylie Lip Kit shade. For her eyes, she applied a burgundy shade underneath her waterlines and a shimmery bronze on her eyelids.

She’s able to make it all look impressively flattering and fluid, thanks to some next-level blending using makeup brushes. And finally, she painted her lips with a nude to finish her look.

As if the final look wasn’t spectacular enough, she said in the comment section that it, unexpectedly, wasn’t difficult to get off. This said, we will leave this approach to the professionals…